Troy And Abby

The average dog has one request to all humankind, love me-Helen Exley

Ok so hello all! I’m back with more adventures…well art pictures and the adventures I had while creating them! So let’s get to it! Here are a couple of dogs I did for my cousin’s friend in December 2014. They are Troy and Abby…I think Troy is on the right and Abby on the left…I think. Yes its another pet portrait and its seems they are becoming my bread and butter which I do not mind at all! I love animals and I love the reactions of the owners when they see their fur babies in art form! So here is Troy and Abby’s creation journey!


Troy And Abby 16 in x 20 in Oils 2014

I think at the time, this was one of my favorite portraits I had done. When my cousin gave it to the owner, she said she cried because she loved it, so that they made me feel good. I love when art had reactions like that and knowing I did it makes me feel all fuzzy. Sp anyhoodles, if you’re interested in getting your pup or kitten or whatever kind of pet you have oil painted, drop me a line at my Etsy shop! Its kind of blank at the moment but that is a New Year’s project I have to work on!


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