Bekah’s Kids

Children do not care how much you know until they know how much you care-Teddy Roosevelt

Hey hey hey! So I’m back and if you’re actually wondering about why your weekly dose of random arty bloggyness was M.I.A. these past weeks, two words: kidney stone. As in my dad has had a bad kidney stone and you may be saying “well how did that affect your blogging?” well what a good question! We were all suffering with him this time cos it was a big’un! 2 Er trips, like a zillion urologist visits in the past 3 weeks, 3 xrays, 2 procedures, finally culminated yesterday with the stent being removed, ordeal done! So I’m back and Halloween is over, very sad cos it was a fun one this year! I learned don’t try to do professional Bride Of Frankenstein makeup in 30 minutes or less. It didn’t come out like I wanted at all and I was just plain moody on the way to our festivities. But oh well, I ate chili, had fun, and went on a hay ride, then went to the movies in full makeup…so yeah that was awkward. Anyway, blog ho!

This week’s selection’s is courtesy of my friend’s request for me to paint her kids…because I do pet portraits. She said can you paint my pets er kids? So of course I told her yes. I will do anything for money…artwise! So here is the journey of Bekah’s Kids:


At about this time, I was having daily meltdowns working on these kids.

IMG_20141025_203053IMG_20141027_201523-1IMG_20141103_174228-1Here is the final results of Bekah’s Kid:

#163 15 Bekah's Kids 11 x 15 Oils on Luan

Bekah’s Kids 9 in x 12 in Oils 2014

My friend Bekah, their mom, absolutely loved it but I did struggle slightly…well more than slightly ha ha. But her reaction to it made me feel good because these are her babies but let’s just say I’m more comfortable working with pets! If you’re interested in getting your own pet portrait, email me at! I’ve gotta jet and enjoy this 85 degree November weather we’re having here in Georgia. Have a great weekend!


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