Baby The Cow

The cow is of the bovine ilk; one end is moo, the other milk-Ogden Nash

Hello Fall! Well its south Georgia, so that means we won’t be seeing a real fall til about mid to late November probably, yeah. But it is officially Fall and I already miss Summer! Although according to the internet, I am a female so I should screaming with delight at the thought of pumpkin, crafts, lattes, hoodies, leaves, and chili…and I believe I will as soon as the fall spirit hits me! Ok enough of this seasonal talk, let’s get to the art!

About this time last year, I was working on this piece about Baby the Cow. A girl I went to school with commissioned a pet portrait of her cow, Baby. Never done a cow before but hey, I’ll do anything for money…artwise! Goodness I need to start re-phrasing that. So here’s baby’s journey:

IMG_20140913_190746-1IMG_20140904_154928IMG_20140904_155016-1IMG_20140908_153506IMG_20140913_190701-1IMG_20140917_161517-1Sp here’s the final step, the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! Sorry had a Europe moment…ahem here’s the finished product:

IMG_20140920_160822Baby The Cow 9 in x 12 in Oils 2014

So hello Baby! All righty I’m audi and I need to get my behind back to work. I have a new project to start today and I new client to start working with, very excited! Also I had a root canal on Tuesday. It wasn’t terrible but definitely not something I want to have done again! Free lesson, take care of your pearly whites!! Also if you’re interested in a pet portrait, visit my Etsy shop and I will work out a special commission for you!

Found this on Google and had to share, have a fun fall weekend!


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