A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself-Josh Billings
Howdy y’all!…Nope I was born and raised Southern all my life and it still doesn’t roll naturally off my tongue, no idea why! But let’s quite pondering the mystery of my accent and get to the art! This is part two from last week’s post Pipa. Basically same story, painted a picture of my cousin’s wife other dog, Mack. Which incidentally this week I’ve finished a portrait of her third dog, Patches. Details of that will be in an upcoming post, see now you have to keep reading for the exciting conclusion to this trilogy! Anyways, here’s Mack’s story:
IMG_20140807_162757And here is the final result for Mr. Mack:
#161 15 Mack 9 x 12 Oils On Canvas
Mack 9 in x 12 in Oils 2014
So here’s the sequel to Pipa, her brother Mack! And remember if you like these, or you know someone who luuuurves their pet so much they want them immortalized in oils, check out my Etsy shop for details on how to get one! All righty, I’m out have a good weekend you all, not y’all! 😉

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