The road to hell is paved with works in progress-Philip Roth

Hello all! So this week, I’m going to share a fact: I’ve got like oh let me see, about 10 billion different projects going at once, no big deal! I was even thinking about starting another one today…yes I am crazy! So on that note I’ll share what is going on in the Cat Cave:

P.S. I am sooo sorry for the horrid placement of these pictures, they are super cattywhompus!

This came about on a super wild hair!
Double skull…planning on incorporating some watercolors on this
Mini posters or mini cards…a weird version of the alphabet
One of my favorite quotes, hopefully will be turned into a typography piece
A business card idea…like a professional…ha ha me a professional
Playing around with some new spray paint
Its Gonna Be A Glorious Day, I Feel My Luck Could Change-Lucky by Radiohead
Coffee Rainbow!
In A Heartbeat
You are responsible for your own happiness…no one else!
Came from listening to Jay Z

All righty that’s all folks! Maybe in the future, these pieces won’t be babies anymore. They’ll turn into fully grown up artworks. Then you can say “oh I knew you when you were just a little thing”!

And just for a gratuitous note, this was my treat the other afternoon. I don’t even care for devil’s food cake (chocolate for that matter, aahh gasp and awe!) but this is one the most aesthetically pleasing snacks around  🙂

Treat yo self

Have an awesome weekend and eat something pretty!


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