That’s One Classy Octopus

When Mary is confused or perplexed, she spurts anger the way an octopus spurts ink and hides in the dark cloud of it-John Steinbeck

Helloooooo!! And let’s get to it! I completed this piece last December and it was done for this year’s DrawProject. I have to admit the idea is there but I wasn’t 100% pleased with the execution because I felt rushed and like most of the time I waited til the last friggin’ minute! Sometimes doing that works okay for me but other times, not so much! This particular I think was bought in a silent auction but I’d love to re-furbish and try it again and actually take my time with it. Although I did hear that someone said it was creepy, score!

This was step 2, step 1 was in my sketchbook but i didn’t get a picture of it!
Step number whatever…I kind of forgot to capture the step by step process on this pieces, shame on me!

#159 14 That's One Classy Octopus 15 x 22 WatercolorsThat’s One Classy Octopus 15 in x 22 in Watercolors & Ink 2014

All righty so there you go, chalk up another masterpiece in the C Is For Cathy artwork collection, ha ha I’m hilarious! Have a great weekend!


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