In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.”

Quick random post, the daily prompt spoke to me, so I decided to share!

This was the day after I had I had it done before it got all scabby and gross! Back in high school and college, my BFF and I used to write notes and letters to each other. This was her signature at the end of her letters!

Yes I have a tattoo and I absolutely love it! 18 September 2014 was when I got it, so its almost a year old. So here it goes like this: my BFF was always one for tattoos. I liked them but never thought about them. She loved them and had quite a few in unseen places (she was a teacher so she thought about that when she got them) and was always saying we should get one together. I was horrified by the thought! A tattoo?! its seemed so permanent,and the pain, oh no ma’am! But after she was killed in a car wreck, it didn’t seem so crazy, I mean what’s so bad about it? I’ve already resigned myself that I’ll never have a professional job. I absolutely hate needles but this wasn’t like having blood drawn, so maybe it wouldn’t be that that bad. So I researched and researched and researched: placement, the risks, the pain, aftercare, infections everything I could find. So I decided I would get one. The other hurdle was my mother. Her exact words: “well I’ll be disappointed in you but you’re an adult”. I can live with disappointment, no big deal! So my other great friend and I went to town one day and I came home with it. It’s on my left wrist and honestly I would get another get another one in a heartbeat! Deciding on what I wanted was probably the hardest part because it would be there forever! I had a bunch of quotes typed out and wrote down because I wanted a quote or words since she was a writer/English teacher (me and her are both bookworms). And I had one of her letters with me and at the last minute, I gave the guy (he goes to church with my brothers and he’s a great guy!) one of her letters with her signature. So he got everything ready for me and I was sooo nervous while waiting! It took him more time to get things ready for to do it than it actually took for him to get it done. Which that’s a good sign that he’s knows what he’s doing. It didn’t hurt near as bad as I thought and the spot I have it on, I had heard it was really painful there but it wasn’t bad! It was was the best $50 I could spend and I would love to get more, I’m addicted now! I read a lot about tattoo regret and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t get it sooner with my BFF so we could have had that special memory together. But it there now so no going back!


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