Zombie Warning Poster

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth-Dawn Of The Dead

Its Friday and I’m back, what the what?! Two blogs in in two weeks, what is wrong with me?! Yes I’m trying to get better about my weekly blogging. In reality I’d love to get better about blogging whenever the crap I feel like it but things get in the way and the next thing I know it Friday again. So here we go getting back to posting some more stuff that I’ve done back in 2014, allons-y!

Zombies…I can’t say enough about the zombie genre. About 8 years ago, they (and all scary movies) used to scare the bejeezus out of me but after I watched Night Of The Living Dead and Shaun Of The Dead, I wasn’t yet convinced but was very intrigued. Then came one Saturday when one of my brothers made me to watch 28 Days Later and the new Dawn Of The Dead in one afternoon…then I was officially hooked!! So pretty much anything zombie-wise I’m there! But heed my warning, there is some terrible zombie media around. So long story short, that’s where this piece came from.

IMG_20140522_155349Pretty sure this came to me one Wednesday during Bible class. As I’ve stated before, doodling helps me focus so I’m not just ignoring the preacher, I promise! Ok that’s cleared up! So this little scribble came out and I immediately thought “yep this will become a piece sometime”.

IMG_20140522_155359Flash forward to who knows when, I quickly scrawled this out as study and I loved how simplistic and stupid it is!

IMG_20140523_180312Stage whatever number this is and here’s the brain that is in danger of being devoured!

Here is the final result:

#157 14 Zombie Warning Poster 11 x 15 7.6 WatercolorsZombie Warning Poster 11 in x 15 in Watercolors 2014

If you find yourself coveting this poster and just can’t live without it, you can buy it here on Etsy:


I had a creative blues funk yesterday and forced myself out but that means I’ve created three little art babies who need some TLC, I’m out, have a great weekend!


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