Bad Bad Blogger! But I Have Shiny New News!

en_isell_2Ok soooooo kinda awkward I’ve been M.I.A. (missing in action, not the singer) for the past two weeks! I am super sorry and am now realizing that social media is a full time animal to keep up with. I used to think that once a week would cut it but my word, I suck at that! So my new aim (ha ha goals!) is to try and just blog when I’m working on something and keep with current progress. Also I realized earlier that I have to update my Behance, Redbubble, Pinterest, and Tumblr….hmmmm….well it’ll get done at some point.

But on the other positive note, I have been busy these past two weeks re-doing and updating my Etsy shop! Its all shiny and clean and stocked to brim with pretty much everything I do. Lots of paintings, drawings, illustrations, anatomy drawings, custom name signs, even crocheted and knitted things to order!

Check it out:

And also I re-did my Facebook art page or actually deleted it the old one and made a new one. Here it is!:

So yeah if you’ll bear with me, I am trying to get my crap together! More to come, have a super fun weekend!


2 thoughts on “Bad Bad Blogger! But I Have Shiny New News!

  1. It’s good to hear another talk about the impossible task of keeping up with an online presence without having a bunch of assistants doing the work. Everybody’s updating and nobody’s looking is how it sometimes feels.

  2. Yes that is exactly how it feels! Especially when you have so many accounts that you have to keep up with. I like the exposure that social media offers but it does take time and effort!

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