#FBF Mass

The mass of men leads lives of quiet desperation-Henry David Thoreau

Hellooooo! Ok so VBS 2015 Righteous Roundup is over and it was a blast!! At the same time, I’m kind of glad its done and things will be back to normal! It was a blast though and we had great numbers every night, woo hoo! So here we go let’s get to this week’s art!

#20 10 Mass 20 x 26 17.2 Oils, PaperMass 20 in x 26 in Oils 2010

Also my day was made today. My sweet 6 yr old nephew Michael mailed me a picture he painted for me! When I got it and opened it I was oh my word, sweetest piece of mail ever!! Here’s his masterpiece!

imageSo there you go, bam! Gotta jet hope you all (y’all as we say here in Georgia and you have to pronounce Georgia like Blanche Deveraux does) have a suuuuuper great weekend!!


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