Exciting News Involving Coffee!

Coffee and love are best when they are hot-German proverb

First things first…Happy National Donut Day!! And now…

Hey!!! Guess what?! You’ll never guess so here goes, I won a contest!! It was the Uppercase Stamp Contest back in April. You had to submit an interpretation of a stamp and I entered a piece involving what else, coffee! We had to give a brief summary and I basically said while we disagree on several things we can usually all (unless you’re a total tool) come together and agree on this magical beverage. I entered in April, not really thinking anything of it and especially not thinking they’d pick mine…I know I’m very confident. Anyways here’s my piece!!


I say I won a contest, I guess I should clarify and say they picked submission along with other people’s. I tell you I was on cloud 9 (and still am!) that night I got the email, nothing could have brought me down! So on that note, I’m audi to work on some screen printing stuff, have a great weekend!


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