The Catwich

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You, the Sandwich.”

Normally I don’t do the Daily Prompts but today its about one of my favorite foods: Sandwiches!  I’ve always thought long and hard about what kind would go on my perfect sammie, so today I share all the best things that would make up the bestest sandwich ever! There’s no particular order that the ingredients go on between the bread slices. Obviously bread, mustard then on the bottom bun will be the guacamole but everything else is up for grabs! It will be a sandwich to activate the savory umami taste buds to a scale of 1000! So wilthout further ado, The Catwich! (My name is Cathy/Cat hence the name, it would nothing to do cats):

wpid-img_20150506_142430-1.jpgThought a fun little would make it even more appetizing, goodness I wish it were a real sammie! Anyhoodles, have a fantastic day and go eat a sandwich!!


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