#FBF Even Match

When a cat wants to catch a mouse, it pretends being a mouse-Vasily Klyuchevsky…(at least that’s what I saw on Google!)

Hi everybody! (If you read that in Dr. Nick Riviera’s voice from The Simpsons, you’re the best) Happy May! As I’ve said where has this year gone?! But enough of that jazz, another quick post!

#37 10 Even Match 8 x 12 7.4 Ink on PaperEven Match 8 in x 12 in Ink On Paper 2010

Did this one awhile and it still makes me smile. All righty enough chit chat, I’ve got to scoot and start some supper. My stomach has me at gunpoint and threatening me if I don’t go fix something edible in the next few mins! Have a great weekend. I’ve got a good one planned: Avengers tomorrow! And my nephew is getting baptized on Sunday, sooo proud! Until we meet again!


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