#FBF Lynchian

The whole world is wild at heart and weird on top-David Lynch

        thanks Google images!

Hullo all!! Just a quickie today. On a side note Quickie is wheelchair name brand and for some reason people just laugh and laugh when they notice, ugh immature…well actually it makes me giggle too. Any hoodles here is today’s Flashback Friday post. Inspired by the total weirdness of David Lynch (and the movie Inland Empire):

#46 10 Lynch 14 x 17 27.4 Oils on Bristol
          Lynchian 14 in x 17 in Oils 2010

Sorry for the terrible fuzziness of this picture! If you can’t tell its a rabbit smoking a cigarette. Ok so also here’s the print at RedBubble if you’re interested in purchasing! Ok so I have to jet, have a fun one, my dad (Vati) and I are going to a rodeo…yippi I O K….whatever the rest of it is!


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