Fabulous Bear

“A man screaming is not a dancing bear. Life is not a spectacle_-Aime Cesaire

“Be cautious of bears at all times, even when being mauled by a tiger.”-Craig Benzine

(sorry couldn’t decide on a bear quote)

Hello All! Confession: I slightly have bears on the brain. I was watching Frasier yesterday (love it) and Niles called Frasier a dancing bear, so at that second I decided “I’m going to draw a dancing bear today”. Although I had a lot of distractions yesterday (too many to write about cos then it wouldn’t be an “art blog”!), I ultimately got my dancing bear sketched out (in a pretty timely manner too!)/ So without further ado here’s my dancing bear and future actual finished project!:

wpid-img_20150312_174649.jpgNow please don’t judge too harshly, it is just a sketch! And hopefully it will be turned into a piece sometime soon! Also cos bears are on the brain, here is another fabulous bear:

fabulous bearALSO because Golden retrievers are the absolute bestest dog breeds (yeah come at me America!) here’s this:

Anyhoodles…have a FABULOUS weekend!!


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