#FBF Der Wolf

“A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.” George R.R. Martin

Happy 1st week of March! We’ve had both winter and spring in the past 3 days, welcome to South Georgia! And with that, I have suddenly become very busy! Tons of crochet projects to do, A Storm Of Swords book to read, cards to start making, and a painting to start, well uh, painting! So with that, here’s me taking a cheap way out and offering a Flashback Friday post for you! Wolf analogies are the best, wolves are awesome, and direwolves are even better. Radiohead has a song A Wolf At The Door (It Girl, Rag Doll) that’s delightfully creepy, so that’s where the title for the piece came from. Then I took it a step further and translated it into German. I’m a big fan of Grimm’s fairy tales and was reading it at the time and I imagined a wolf at a door. Which would be terrifying…especially if it was it were standing on its hind legs…just sayin’! Anyways here’s the piece!

#29 10 Der Wolf 14 x 17 2.3 Ink on PaperDer Wolf 14 in x 17 in Ink On Paper 2010

So there you go, I have other wolf pieces and would love to do more in the future. But at the moment, I’ve got to book and get busy with…something! Never a dull moment! Have a flippin’ fantastic weekend!


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