Black, White, And Read All Over

What is black and white and red all over? A newspaper-old joke

All righty this was a submission for last year’s Spring Into Art. Which speaking of I’ve got to get on the ball about a new piece for this year’s! I had fun doing this one but there were a lot of steps to get it done. Its pieces like this that I enjoy the most! I had the idea just playing around on a paint app on my tablet and it came out a little different than I first sketched.This piece was made using paint markers, charcoal pencils, acrylic paint, x-acto blade, spray paint, luan board, glue, and newspapers.  I chose the title based on that old newspaper joke since it was black, white, and red and it also was made from newspapers. Just seemed like the right thing to do 🙂

Step 1: I glued a bunch of newspapers together that had interesting headlines (which I guess didn’t matter since they were covered up). I painted about 3/4 of it with white acrylic paint then spray painted the other half black (oh how I like spray paint!)
Had to draw this guy on newsprint then proceed to cut it out with scissors and and x-acto blade…very very delicate work.
After I was done with the cutting out, I situated it precisely where I wanted it on the board because there were a spray painted section that was too pretty to cover up!
The faintest of lines made from charcoal pencil and white pencil.
Got the outline started with some paint, the next part was the most time consuming because I had to look at the skeleton sketch several times over to get the bones and everything in the right place.
And voila, the finished piece! I had the black and outline done but it was just missing a little something to make it pop. So my friend Sarah suggested a little color around the outline and red was the best choice. So I added it around just the main part because if I had done all around, I think it would have been way too much red. So there it is!

Black, White, And Read All Over Mixed Media on Luan Panel 2014

Hopefully in the future I’ll get a print for sale on Redbubble or it would be super awesome if I could sell it! If you’re interested, let me know! Until then I’ll check back in next week, same Bat time, same Bat place!


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