Longfellow Arrow Quote #2

I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to the earth, I knew not where-Longfellow

Hello Week No. 2! Back to normal posting!

Ok so I just realized a very embarrassing error about this piece. I attributed this quote in this artwork to William Wordsworth when It was actually written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow….oh such is me! That is super embarrassing and normally I am waaay more careful about stuff like this. So I can either put this piece away and never let it be seen or correct it so it can go along with its companion piece. Ugh…well anyways here’s the back story behind it…


I love The Twilight Zone. If I ever had a stupid amount of money to burn, I’d buy the series in a heartbeat! There was a great episode entitled “I Shot An Arrow Into The Air” from the poem The Arrow And The Song by HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW, not WILLIAM WORDSWORTH (my best friend, the English Major, would never forgive this error!). In the episode, a guy recites this line and ever since its just stuck with me. Plus I love archers and arrows and bowmen and all that. I did this piece along with another arrow quote piece (found here) and here it is, step by step:

                                                      From my sketchbook
                                                  It along with its soul mate
                                   Both arrows, both created with lots of ink

Here is the end result but remember just think in your mind at the bottom, Longfellow, not Wordsworth!

Longfellow Arrow Quote #2 11 in x 15 in Watercolors & Ink 2014

So there you have it. The print was for sale on Redbubble but I just deleted it until I fix this error. But you can still go and check out my other prints there! Etsy shop should be opening back up pretty soon too. Anyhoos, I’m out til next Friday!


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