Weekly Photo Challenge “Work Of Art”

“Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what’s for lunch”-Oscar Wilde

“If it looks good, eat it”-Andrew Zimmern

For this week’s WPC theme, I immediately got excited. Art, what?! That’s my jam! But then I thought since this is an art blog, I’ll take a different interpretation of art this week. Also I’d feel a little conceited showing my art under the theme “work of art”. Just a side note, the short-lived T.V. series Work Of Art was really great. So I’m turning the “work of art” theme to one of my most favorite things in the world: food. Here’s a mini collection of some of the most gorgeous plates of food (yes I suffer from the hipster tendency of taking pictures of my food) that I’ve had the pleasure to stuff my face with (at least all the ones I had on my phone):

My good friend Brandi’s daughter’s 1st birthday cake, super cute with that little owl on it! I think it was key lime cake, so yeah cute and delicious!
My Mama and my annual Christmas cookie cook-off, kind of a smaller batch last year but just as tasty. I got extra crafty and did different decorations on the cookies, also mainly because we couldn’t find our cookie cutters.


My annual food pic of last year’s Thanksgiving plate. Its pretty much the same food every year but its my favorite plate and I look forward to it all year long! Clockwise from top: turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce, my mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese, deviled egg, turnips, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, dressing with gravy, and sweet potato casserole in the center. Best plate of food all year round!
Plate from the Father-Daughter Banquet, super tasty especially the macaroni and cheese!
I’m on a smoothie kick and this was one of the prettier ones that I had made. I can’t remember the exact combo but I know avocado was involved.
Just a random lunch one day when my mom made scrambled eggs and bacon. This was my favorite meal when I was little. P.S. she makes the best scrambled eggs EVER! Look how fluffy they look!

This was from the Herring Reunion I went to earlier this year. Oh my gosh, Herrings can cook like nobody’s business! We live in Georgia and this is basically what you get when you have potluck dinners like this. When we have Family Day at church, my plates closely resemble this and its all amazing!
So Cheddars is one of my favorite chain restaurants ever. I get something every time I go and I have never been disappointed. So imagine my delight when they added chicken and waffles on the menu. And yes I realize its not authentic Atlanta chicken n waffles (which is on my food bucket list) but Cheddars did a good job with this! Plus it was just after my Dad got a GREAT report from the Dr about his cancer, so I could have ate anything and it would have tasted fantastic!

So yeah I’m a foodie, I’m a Fatty McButterpants, and I love to eat! In my opinion, chefs and cooks are artists in my book. They just have different and delicious tools to work with. I’m with Andrew Zimmern as he ends each episode with his catchphrase “if it looks good, eat it!”. Words to live by!



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