Flashback Friday: Ahab’s Prize

“Thus, I give up the spear!”-Captain Ahab Moby Dick

Hello all, its that time again! I thought I’d treat you all (or y’all cos that’s what we say where I live) to another piece from the C Is For Cathy Construktion vault. I painted this piece back in 20 aught 10 after I graduated. Obviously it is inspired by the classic (I would say beloved but I’ve never got around to reading) (I know gasp and awe!) whaling tale of our time Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Although my best friend had to read it in college since she was going to be a high English teacher and she told me about it, does that count? She said it was a hard read but rather enjoyable but also really really hard read…and I trust her judgment. But anyways what I had heard about the book (also Mastodon’s album Leviathan was based on the book and that album is awesome and that played a part in the piece as well) there seemed to be a lot of interesting imagery in it. So basically that’s the story behind this piece Ahab’s Prize. Oh yeah and I replaced Captain Ahab with a robot, no biggie.

#5 10 Ahab's Prize 22 x 30 21.1 Aqueous Media, WC Paper
Ahab’s Prize 22 in x 30 in Watercolors 2010

Hope you liked it and if you liked so much you just had to buy it, here’s the Redbubble link to buy a print of it! All righty with that said (or typed actually) i hope youse guys have a great weekend and maybe don’t go whaling and get into a vengeful life and death struggle with a seabeast!*

*P.s. whales are awesome!

**P.P.s.Having typed that, last Saturday I did end up going fishing and catching 24 bream each one more vicious than the last. Actually they were all different and they all looked totally pissed at me. We threw them back so they’re fine, except for the one that swallowed a hook, that one didn’t end so well. Anyhoos that’s enough about fish harassment, have a great weekend!



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