Spring Into Art 2014


Hello all, posting time again! As promised (and I’m sure you all were counting the days!) here’s a rundown of this year’s Spring Into Art Exhibition:

Got there around 6:30 and it was FLOODING!! That sucked since we were all dressed kind of nice but wound up rather soaked. It was my artist friend Sarah (who is completely awesome and is on my team when the zombie apocalypse happens). Her guest was her 17 year old cousin Shyanne who goes to church with me and Sarah. Until that night, I had never spoken a word to her but she is very interesting and different as far as most 17 year old girls go. My guest was my padawan Julianna who is really interested in art (obviously), so I brought her. So Sarah and our charges did the rounds (or tried there were people everywhere! One woman nearly fell on me, so yeah I had my hostile pants on after that) and we found my pieces, no ribbons but I was still happy with them!

My pieces! And a random photobomb guy! More to come on the fruition of the top piece in a later post.

A little after that we found some food and a good spot to eat.

Is that not a gorgeous plate of food?! Gorgeous and delicious!

Sat there a while and I chatted with a friend/cousin of Sarah’s and Shyanne’s that was there. Saw my old art history teacher from VSU who is seriously the nicest lady ever. Sarah and Julianna went browsing around and found Sarah’s piece (she did a painting and a pair of deer skin moccasins). After I got finished chatting, we went back and found Sarah’s moccasins had a merit award ribbon on them! I was sooooo excited for her! Hand sown deer moccasins, yeah she’s awesome.

Sarah’s moccasins, awesomeness!!

So after some more rounds looking around and me grabbing food here and there (the food is probably my favorite part cos I’m a Fatty Mcbutterpants), we decided to call it a night around 9. There was some really great art and then there were some pieces like “really?”. I told Julianna that some art shows bring out my catty art side. Some of the judges’ picks were (in my honest opinion) quite um questionable…yeah, really questionable. But oh well, they didn’t ask me but man oh man would I love that job! But anyhoos it was a fun night and our young charges had fun. Already thinking about things for next year and it just isn’t a Spring Into Art outing until there’s a group pic:

Left to right: Me, Shyanne, Julianna, a samurai (somebody made that thing out of papier mache, very cool!) and Sarah

So there you go, this year’s Spring Into Art. Next show is DrawProject unless I discover something else in the meantime. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am, thinking about going to capture some fish and transplant them from our creek to our pond. Then tacos will be consumed later this evening. So yeah party party over here!


2 thoughts on “Spring Into Art 2014

  1. Well done in your art work! The name tag musta made ya so excited to be there, you artist you! The chow looks delish!

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