Placeholder Post…Until Next Week

Hello all! Ok so here I am going to apologize in advance. I realize last week I said I would have a shiny new post about what all I’ve been up to. Believe me it has been a lot and that is including today. I may have the chance to go stock up on some art supplies at Michaels today and I’m right in the middle of cleaning the Cat Cave a.k.a. my work room. I’m like the early settlers who would go to the city like once a month because I hardly get the chance to, since I don’t drive (another post for another day). It has been non-stop work since 15 March and Thursday I finished. But in that time, the Cat Cave has suffered and gotten extremely cluttered (plus I literally have over 900 emails to check!) and yesterday I (non really) started to clean but I started with emails instead and pretty much spent the day running my mouth. Excuses excuses I know, shame shame! SO sadly that means just a quick post today with promises of a shiny new updated NEXT week. Although I will say this: Captain America: Winter Soldier…excellent movie!! Go see it!


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