Flashback Friday! Perfect 10

Hello all posting time again! Which what I posted last week was more of a call to arms for help but still it was a post. But anyhoos no time to split hairs cos I am in the midst of a project helping somebody out, so I’ll share an oldie but goodie in a Flashback Friday edition post!

#4 10 Perfect 10 15.1 16 x 20 Oils, Cardboard  Perfect 10 16in x 20 in Oils 2010

So here’s a piece back from 2010. It was the first piece I had done after I graduated. I am a huge Rene Magritte fan and I love granny smith apples. No big revelation behind this piece. I realize its a short post but hopefully next week’s will be more enriching and fulfilling for you all! Thanks for reading and incidentally if you’re interested in purchasing a print of this piece go to Redbubble! Have a great weekend, I know I will Captain America tonight and Game Of Thrones season 4 Sunday night! Woot its gonna be a wonderfully geeky weekend!



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