Psalms Arrow Quote #1

You shall not be afraid of the terror by night nor of the arrow that flies by day-Psalms 91:5

Posting time again! Craziness that these works are flying by! Did everyone have a good (and safe) St. Paddy’s Day? I did, I didn’t do anything anything but it was a good day. I will say that I wore a green Loki shirt, wore a shamrock bandana on my head (I now know how to fold them, so I now have a new hair accessory for when my hair is a hot mess), and had a banana avocado smoothie, which was green. So what’s up at the moment. Went to see Muppets Most Wanted last night, highly recommend it! And I’m pretty sure I have a flippin’ cavity cos it hurts like a beast! And since I have no dental insurance, I am very conscientious about my teeth but apparently this little jerk came out of nowhere. So if its still a’painin’ (Southern speak) on Monday, I have to call the dentist…not a big fan of dentists. Although as long as they give me gas, I’m good. Also did anyone watch this past week’s Walking Dead?! Craziness!! Utter craziness!

But to the real reason you’re here, art! Unless you wanna talk Walking Dead, because I will talk about that all day long! Ok so words inspire me. Poems, stories, books, hymns, lyrics, the written word will always provide endless ideas for me. The challenge is accurately marry the words with a visual depiction. So I had been watching Game Of Thrones (awesome show) and they use bow and arrows. And also Daryl Dixon on Walking Dead has a crossbow (I so want to request one for Christmas!). So arrows were on my brain. And I came across Psalms 91:5 one Wednesday night at church. And from there, this piece (and its companion) came about. So for your viewing pleasure “Psalms Arrow Quote #1”.

The first sketch in my sketchbook
The background. Swampy looking? Yes I agree.
The arrow, the feathers turned out a little different than I wanted, but there you go.
And done! Psalms Arrow Quote #1 11in x 15in Watercolors & Ink 2014

So another 2014 piece under my belt. If you’re interesting in purchasing the original, here’s the Etsy link to check out. Or you could check out a print of it on RedBubble. Got questions, comments, general concerns about the universe? Drop me a line in the comment section. And on that note, I’m going to book it and make a sammie (a colorful way my friend says sandwich), laters!


4 thoughts on “Psalms Arrow Quote #1

  1. Can I use one of your pictures of the arrow as my fb cover photo…
    I think your quote and the arrow depict nicely what Im goig through.

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