Flashback Friday, Fruit, and St. Patrick’s Day

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Posting time! Hello lovelies, was your week good? Mine was productive and I found out something this week. I found that banana and avocado are amazing together…along with Greek yogurt and honey. I’ve been on a smoothie kick since about mid January and just tried that one the other day. Very good plus it was a cool looking green color! Been thinking about green stuff lately since St. Patrick’s day is next week. My mom’s side I think is Irish like a looooong way down the line but we don’t celebrate. I just think its funny how everybody claims to be Irish one day out of the year. But oh well! We may have some Irish food at church Sunday night and I’ll wear green Monday and that’s that. Although it was humorous, one year my best friend and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a different way. We smoked a whole bunch of cigars and clove cigarettes instead of drinking a whole lot. It must be stated that neither of us smoked and I rarely imbibed in alcohol (now I don’t at all but I was in college and did a little bit). Was it proving anything? Of course, that we were awesome! And we stayed sober on St. Patrick’s Day when everyone else in the country was probably blitzed out of their minds. Where was this post going? I have absolutely no idea but I hope it was enjoyable for you all!

It looks like I’m getting close to catching up on my new works for this year. Since that’s the case, I don’t want to run out of art blogging material. What’s the solution? Flashback Friday! In some upcoming weeks, either my Thursday or Fridays will be about older pieces that haven’t been shared on this blog. So here’s the first one!

#22 10 Sustenance 22 x 30 23.2 Oils, Paper
Gas masks are awesome

So here’s a 2010 oil piece called “Sustenance”. It combines two awesome things I love: pomegranates and gas masks. I love the visual of gas masks and have used them in several of my works. Although I’m sure if I had grown up in WWI, I probably wouldn’t romanticize them so much. Also pomegranates are a simply gorgeous fruit and they’re tasty and healthy! I’ve done pieces with pomegranates in them too. So why not combine the two items for one piece?! So that’s where the idea for this one came from.

And just a bit of self-promotion, here’s the Redbubble to check out the prints of it: http://www.redbubble.com/people/cisforcathy/works/11515127-sustenance

All right so there you go, a dip into the CIsForCathy artwork archives! Probably more to come in the following weeks. At the moment I’ve got ideas for new projects but I just can’t pinpoint them all down into one solid…thing. I know, I have such a way with words!  Anyhoos have a great week, eat some fruit, and have a Happy (and safe) St. Patrick’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday, Fruit, and St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Gas masks and pomegranates? What an interesting combination! But your post has now prompted me to eat banana with strawberry yogurt. Thanks!

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