Zygomatic Fossa & Last Radiation Day

Cancer can take away all my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul-Jim Valvano

 When someone has cancer, the whole family and everyone who loves them, does too-Terri Clark

‘Ello All! Its Friday and that means another week flown by! As for the weeks flying by fast, we had a big reason to be glad of this week. My Daddy (pronounced Ded-E) finished his 8 and half week radiation treatment for prostate cancer! He has a couple of follow-up appointments to see how well the radiation did and after that then he’ll really know where he stands but WOOT!! for now!

Now as for art this week, it is one of my favorite ones that I’ve done this year. Like so many others, the idea came from my Gray’s Anatomy book

Yeah I’m a little obsessed with skulls, even my mother has recognized this fact!

It was such an interesting image that, like the others, was begging to have something done with it. So here’s the gradual procession from book to finished product!

Not the best quality but its the general outline of the jawbone.
This is what I call the ugly stage of a piece. You can’t really tell where its going, you get discouraged because it looks like nothing, and you have to fight the urges to chunk it in the trash. I go through this on every piece I do.
Starting to take form a little bit more, the negativity is fading away
#147 14 Zygomatic Fossa 14 x 17 30.1 Charcoal
Then voila, its done! Zygomatic Fossa 14 in x 17 in Charcoal on Bristol 2014

Its a charcoal only piece meaning sometimes I’ll throw in another medium in a piece. But this one is strictly charcoal which I loooove working with charcoal. I look like a coal miner when I done and its gets everywhere but I love the results from it. A friend called it yummy which I completely agree. Like always, if you have comments, critiques, questions about the piece (or the universe in general), drop me a comment! So I hope you enjoy it and the print of it is for sale at Redbubble as are some more prints. Also my Etsy shop is completely updated with new works.

So on that note, I’m out. Next week my family is going to celebrate my Dad’s treatment completion with a big ole meal at a restaurant of his choosing (more than likely seafood which is fine by me), but as far now, we’re all celebrating anyways! I hope everyone has a great week and go out and celebrate anything!


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