A Good Art Quote

Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work-Gustave Flaubert

Another week, another post! Back to the art! I had a not-so-productive week in the art department, which kind of blows. But I did finish adding a bunch of stuff to some online sites and if you take a gander I added another page at the top of my blog including all the ways to contact me and check out my work…yeah its been a week of shameless self-promotion. And apparently I’ve got to work a lot harder at it!

But I digress, you came here for art (or you accidentally wound up here, if that be the case, welcome!) Whatever the case this week’s post is about one of my favorite quotes, which I have to admit I credited to Clive Barker for the longest time. Until I used the flippin’ internet to check its accuracy. Why I did not do this sooner, no idea! It is the above quote and was said by Gustave Flaubert (not Clive Barker) and I take it to heart. Everyone thinks they have to be weirdest person in the room just to be an artist. In art school, there were some people who were only there cos they were ” different” but not talented. They simply thought their “weirdness” would let them coast through studio classes and in some cases, it did. They BS’ed their way through and everybody fawned all over them. To me, some of the best artists I was around were average looking, normal everything nothing extraordinary but their work were fantastic. I find myself in the boat of sometimes being too “normal” for the “artsy” crowd but too “artsy” for the “normal” crowd. My answer, avoid all crowds!

Not too much to say about the creation of this piece but it has the word “violent” in it. Of course my brain always goes to the color red which I love working with. Its a watercolors piece with the quote hand painted/wrote on it. It was only a two-step piece but enjoy anyways!

The First bit…

wpid-IMG_20140120_211830.jpgThe finished bit!
Flaubert Quote 7.5 in x 11 in Watercolors 2014

So there you go, this week’s art post! I now have a Redbubble account and you can go check out my prints (maybe consider buying a little something!) for sale. This piece isn’t up on Redbubble but I hope to have it posted soon and also the original on Etsy soon, so keep checking for that! Thanks again and I hope everyone has a pretty awesome weekend!


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