Adult Insect In Its Natural Habitat

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing-1 Corinthians 13:3

So here it is Valentine’s Day, hope all you lovers of all sorts is having a great day! So what am I here for?? To talk about my art of course! Don’t worry I’ll keep it short so you all can go out to eat or stay in or make animal sacrifices to St. Valentine or however you celebrate!

Let’s get clear about something, I don’t care for bugs but I’m not a freak out phobia person about them (except worms, they are of the Devil). If I’m outside and there is a bug (which if you visit the South, there are plenty of bugs) in my vicinity, I won’t actively attack them. Unless…they get too close or actually touch then they must be destroyed. Why am I sharing this? The subject of this week’s post is an insect (a made up one but still buggy in nature). I painted this back in 2010 and was more pleased with the adult version on it. So earlier this year I pulled out a bunch of my older stuff that I wasn’t happy with or I wanted to expand on. I’m calling it an art repair session cos I created them so I feel like I can re-work or do whatever I want to do with them. This piece was one I wanted to expand. So here’s a little bit of the new and revised Adult Insect Study.

The sketch
It drawn out and ready for color.
Colored! But another problem that I often find myself having is that I don;t think about the background as much as I should on certain pieces. I’ll go on and do the focal point and then uh-oh I’m stuck with a stark white background, crap! So I sometimes seek the advice of my amazing artist friend Sarah and she helps. So she suggested a background for me. Next slide please…
So here it is.
Adult Insect In It Natural Habitat 11 in x 15 in Watercolors 2014

So Huzzah! More than likely this piece will be on sale on Etsy and Redbubble in the near future. So I’ll be sure to let you lovely readers know. Oh yeah I have a Redbubble account! Check it here: I created it the other day but I haven’t added everything yet but mosey over and you can buy prints of my work! More to come! Signing out and I hope everyone has a fun, loving, and safe Valentine’s Day weekend! As for me, my awesome Dad and I going to an annual Father-Daughter Banquet that’s thrown by one of the area Churches of Christ, so I’ll probably be reporting about that next week. Laters!


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