DrawProject 2014

I just do art because I’m ugly and there’s nothing else for me to do-Andy Warhol

As promised (I know you guys were eagerly anticipating it!) here’s the post about DrawProject 2014! Just so you know which I think I posted about it last year but the DrawProject is a fundraiser art show/silent auction. The Annette Howell Turner Center hosts every year to raise money for scholarships for Valdosta State University art students. The guidelines are it has to be on 15 in x 22 in paper and its your interpretation of what drawing is. According to some of the entries, a lot people’s interpretation is a painting…but that’s for another day. Every piece has a minimum bid of $35 (which someone bid on mine, woot!) and if it raises over $150, it goes into live auction where its like a proper auction and everything. Very cool but anyways you guys came here (unless you just wandered on here by accident, if that’s the case, welcome!): for the art, so here’s the journey from sketchbook to DrawProject for my piece If You Love Something, Give It Away V.2:

I’m assuming it is kinda known that I love skeletons, so naturally a skeleton was my first go to choice for DrawProject. This is a little from my sketchbook of what else a skeleton!
14 - 1
Not the clearest pic, but I changed the position of the head. I thought that would give it more of a longing look, like “Noooo! My balloon!”. Also if you notice, it has no feet, soooo….
I fixed it! This was the second study I did before I took it to the light box (If you have a light box then you know the joy and helpfulness that they can bring) I got mine as a Christmas present about nearly 8 years ago and I still use it, I love it!
Post light box, all drawn out and ready for color!
Voila! I use this technique a lot, especially for illustrative work. I have a certain type of pen/marker that I use and I’d love to share what the model is but I honestly have no idea, I think I bought it at Hobby Lobby. What happens is I’ll use it then immediately get a small paintbrush with water and apply it over the lines
and it creates this great grey washy effect. I use these pens sparingly because I don’t want them to die on me and I won’t be able to find them anymore!
IMG_20131201_141012 - Copy
The finished product! If You Love Something Give It Away V.2 15 in x 22 in Mixed Media (Charcoal, Pen/Ink, Watercolors, etc). And it got a bid! Which means its going home with somebody, yay!
Me with my piece, I am one proud mama* in that pic! Oh yeah disregard my artery sticking out the side of my neck!
*Mama in the way that the piece is my baby, not an actual mama!

So there, that’s this year’s DrawProject. Coming up next will be Spring Into Art and yeah I’ve got to get on the ball about that but I’ve been rather productive so far this year. So next week there’ll be a brand new shiny post about a new art piece, stay warm readers and check me out all over the social media spectrum!


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