Daily Prompt: BFF 28 Jan 2014

So usually I just look at the WordPress Daily Prompt and go on about my business but today’s prompt hit home because of the title, BFF. Its how my BFF and I referred to our friendship. And I”m always willing to talk my about the bestest friend there was. Now just to note, I could seriously write a billion blog posts about, these are just a few highlights of who she was and what we were together and to be honest it really doesn’t even scratch the surface. But here’s a small tip of the iceberg overview of my BFF:

That’s her pretending to eat my head, crazy crazy times!

My BFF Mandi Corbett and I met in kindergarten at Echols County Schools in August 1991 (we started going by BFF’s because it was how little elementary school girls refer to their friendships. Some may call it immature to make fun of little girls but that was how we worked). Anyways I loved aliens (they’re still awesome) and I was wearing a ring which she noticed. She came up to me at Open House the night before the first day of kindergarten and said “I like your ring”. I then proceeded to ask her is she wanted to go hunt aliens with me (already a pattern of strangeness had formed). I think about Mandi (Man, Manders, Mo-C, Calamity Mandi, Sebastian, etc) every day but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about her. In our senior year, almost every Friday night she’d come over and we’d just hang out, usually Arby’s (or Taco Bell) was involved (food was another big part of our friendship and I’m surprised we weren’t like 800 lbs because we ate like crap in college!). In our history class with Coach Bezona, we sat in the back and wrote notes about the class and would laugh ourselves silly. We had notebooks with our ramblings and she always swore one day she was going to write a Man-dictionary with her made up words. We wrote notes to each in class (shame I know!) and when we didn’t have a class together, she’d write me letters about what I’d missed. She wrote and wrote and wrote and even when she became disillusioned with writing, she wrote more. Her dream was to be a famous writer (we were going to be a modern day Edgar Allen Poe and Vincent Van Gogh and make a book together) (minus the opium and alcohol addiction). She wanted to teach literature, so she became determined that that was what she was going to do. She finally became a teacher and as much heartache as she put into it (I remember there was a group of students she absolutely despised!), she was so rewarded by her labor. When she graduated from Valdosta State University with her degree, it took a little bit to get a job and she was so bummed. She wanted so badly to teach and when she got her 9th grade lit class at Lowndes, words couldn’t describe her excitement. She loved books and reading (Kurt Vonnegut was her absolute favorite), something we both have in common. She had a boyfriend (who was terrible, or I may have just been overprotective of her but he really was terrible) who told her that she had too many books and that she didn’t need to buy any more books. She stopped for a little bit but then I kept nagging her saying “books make you happy, don’t worry about what he says”. Every time we went to Valdosta (about once a week) we had to stop at Books-A-Million and have coffee and she would usually get a book. In high school, she turned me onto punk rock music (Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, any Warped Tour Band). And movies were an absolute must for both of us! I couldn’t even begin to count how many movies we went to see or watched together. She wasn’t that big into horror movies like I am but she still would go with me to see them just to hang out together. Even though when we went to see Paranormal Activity, we were practically holding each other’s hands and covering our eyes! We gave so much of ourselves to each other that we always joked that we were connected at the cerebrum. And of course we were each other’s hetero-lifemates! When we were on MySpace and your friends were in the top 8 spaces, even when she had a boyfriend, I was always her number 1 and she was mine. We balanced each other out because I would be eager to show her my art and she always wanted to read me her writings. In college, I couldn’t have survived without her. She was so helpful and selfless with anything. We joked that we had been friends longer than some people had been married (19 years!). After her wreck, they were asking me about her and some things they could mention during her funeral. I found this impossible because there was no one thing I could pinpoint, she was everything to me. One thing I did bring up was that she ALWAYS put others before herself. She couldn’t say no to anybody. If she did have to say no, she always took it hard that she may have disappointed somebody. This may be very disjointed and I could seriously write more and more about her but I hope this helps paint a picture of the kind of person she was. I can’t help think about what we’d be doing now or what she’d be into. I like to think that we’d be having discussions about the Hunger Games books, listening to Adele and making fun of Beyonce and watching Game Of Thrones. So here’s to my BFF, Mandi Corbett, cheers comrade!

So if it wasn’t stated clearly enough, my BFF is no longer with me and it really really sucks. I was so blessed for 19 years of having her as a best friend, I took it for granted. I regret at times, all the things we didn’t get a chance to talk about and experience. But I have tons fun times to cheer me up when I get blue. I call these the impossible days because it still seems impossible that she’s not here and so many horrible people are still here but life goes on. Anyways sorry if it ended on a bummer note! Not my intention because that is the last thing in the world I would ever use to describe us crazy kids!

A rare sighting because I do not take well to being hugged but it was a sneak attack, so I gladly accepted!

I know not everyone has been blessed to have friends like this but I hope someday everyone can experience just a little bit of the fun and randomness that I have had!


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