Unshared 2013 Pieces

Hello all! This freezing week has flown by and with it, some productiveness has happened! Late Thursday afternoon, a sketching craze came over me and drew out like 5 potential projects I’d like to start working on ASAP…it may have been the coffee I was drinking. It was a coffee cos it has been flippin’ cold here for Georgia! And yes I know people in the north are “you Southerners don’t know what real cold is” and guess what, you’re right! It was a high of 33 a week and a half ago and everyone here about lost their mind including me! But I’d love to see these same people survive our summers which can be downright hideous with heat AND humidity! But there has been a bright side, I’ve been able to wear my straight lately cos no humidity in the cold and I get to wear my fleece moose pants at night. What are moose pants? Super comfy pajama pants usually made more awesome by drinking hot chocolate and wearing big pink thick socks and a purple sweater. I know, I look like a total hottie when I wear my moose pants.

But back to the reason for the post week, I was going through some papers today and I realized there were two pieces that I forgot to share in the last post! I thought I had worked on some more stuff than I posted but oh well here they are: Going through my Gray’s anatomy book is discovering something new every time I open it up. This articular illustration of the veins of the head stuck out to me. So here is its journey from Gray’s book to completed art work!

The veins of the head which kinda looked like roots in the ground, so that brought me to…

This conclusion. Which in turned made me think there is a giant skull living beneath our forest floors…


So here is that thought conceptualized, done!

The other piece came from my sketchbook. It may have been done during Wednesday night Bible study (which as I stated, I pay attention, but doodling helps me focus). Just a random sketch about a disintegrating hand, that’s all no biggie. Here is its journey from doodle to completion!

Aaaaghh! Its text coming from nowhere!
14 - 1
Full color disintegration

So it also just occurred that I have not been including the titles, sizes, medium, etc of any of my works…sigh dang I need to get more organized! Well the size and media of both of these are 11 in x 15 in and watercolors, so that was easy. But in the future, I will definitely be more thorough! So yeah that’s the other two unshared 2013 pieces. Next week will probably involve the fruition of the DrawProject piece, oooh aren’t you excited?!

Oh yeah another thing, I’ve joined Twitter, so I think I’ve covered almost every base of social media there is! Here’s hoping it’ll bring about some more exposure to my artwork! Check out my Twitter page: https://twitter.com/CIsForCathyArt

Anyhoo, drop me a comment if you got any questions, comments, or general hate to share and I hope everyone has a great weekend and stay warm!


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