Hello 2014! And Goodbye To Some Unfinished 2013 Business

So here is 2014, huzzah! And I survived 2013, woot! And here is your blogger apologizing ONCE AGAIN for being soooo irresponsible with my poor deprived blog! So in efforts to make a clean start (in a sense, since I’ve already posted twice this year) I’ve got some big plans for this blog and my whole online presence in general.

First things first, I need to finish showcasing my works from last year that I worked on. I stopped with Hive Mind so I’m starting back with the next one in line. Its called Piped Greetings. Skeletons amuse me, let’s go on and get that out of the way. So I use them quite frequently in my work. So I drew a skeleton smoking and this is the end result.


It was around this time that I got offered that job with the Raisin’ Cane agricultural market. I put my stuff off to the side while I worked on the projects for them, which was great cos I was getting paid! But now I’m back to working on my stuff but that took up a big chunk out of the summer and early fall months. So it was about that time for my annual Christmas cards that I send out plus I had to start working on my DrawProject piece. Around the end of each year, things slow down and these are my two main priorities. Actually I just decided that I’ll chronicle my DrawProject journey in an upcoming post. Otherwise this one will go on forever!

This year, I was smart (or lazier, whichever works) and just made one card design as opposed to last when I did like 8 different designs! I think this year I’m going to try and sell some cards on Etsy, and hopefully make some dough  from them. So here was the official Cathy Herring 2013 Christmas card!

IMG_20131221_215110 IMG_20131211_164926

Then Christmas came and went (Santa was very good to me this year!) and so did the New Year festivities (spent it with church folk, playing games) and here it is, 2014! I really didn’t make any concrete resolutions, I just wanted to do more. More of everything, more reading (I have a GoodReads goal of reading 20 books this year), more artwork, more Bible time and more spiritualness (is that a word? It is now), more trying different things, etc. I also have the goal to start watching Game Of Thrones (hopefully this weekend!). And more of this, connecting and sharing my artwork via social media. There are sites I’m hoping to get involved in, one is Twitter, so we’ll see how that goes. Also I’ve taken a pledge with WordPress to be a Post-A-Week blogger (I have to put my badge on my page soon!), even if its just the Weekly Photo Challenge. So expect more of me this year and I am going to my very best to keep this poor blog a priority! Thanks for reading and I hope your goals for the New Year are going swimmingly! Share some in the comments section and thanks for reading!

Signing Out, Cat


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