Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

My window featuring a nice cloudy day.


Hello faithful readers! So I promise an updated post is coming sometime soon but in the meantime, here’s this week’s Photo Challenge: Window

This is the window in my workroom a.k.a. The Cat Cave. I look out this window pretty much every day and see my backyard, trees, a pond, and lots more trees (I live around a bunch of woods, so hence fairy tales play into my work sometimes). And for added story there is a bunch of stuff on the windowsill too. The sculpture on the left is the one and only sculpture I’ve ever done (I did it in 3D Design in college). The plant is a cactus that I bought from Home Depot cos I suck at raising plants and can only keep cacti alive (most of the time). The little plastic flower is one of those solar things that dance. And the lastly the rock is a rock that my best friend found for me and I felt the need to paint it. Oh yeah my mom put those curtains up, not my choice. So there ya go, my answer to this week’s challenge.




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