Hive Mind

Insanity in individuals is something rare-but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule-Friedrich Nietzche

So its time for the next piece in my 2013 artwork saga, aren’t you excited?! Well it pleases me to no end to share these little artsy nuggets with youse people, so here we go!

This piece is called “Hive Mind” and I got the title from the opening credits from Fringe. In one of my earlier posts, I expressed my love for that show and the enigmatic Walter Bishop. I had heard of hive mind, so I immediately to my curiousity to Wikipedia (as I do with everything!). Hive Mind is “The apparent consciousness of colonies of social insects such as ants, bees and termites” ( Its also the name of an album by Sinch. Now you know.

Annnnyways, I had done a stencil of a standing figure but wasn’t sure what to do with it. So I did what you do with stencils and painted multiple outlines of this figure all over a red background. I chose a burnt umber acrylic paint for the figure. And for some reason, the paint really stunk, like blech stink! The whole piece is practically covered so it hard to tell where one ends and another begins. (Quick side note: Radiohead has a song called “Where You End And I begin” and I have been dying to do something related to that title but haven’t came up with anything yet, curses!). But in the midst of the figures, the are two figures that are different than the other. Why the colors red, yellow, brown, and white? No idea, they’re just the ones that came to me while I was working.

So I know you’re in utter suspense, so here’s the end result:

#139 13 Hive Mind 28.3 14 x 17 Acrylics On Bristol
Buzzzzz Buzzzzz Buzzzz!

So there ya go, a little background into Hive Mind. Like with some of my other pieces, I’d like to go deeper into exploring the themes or make a series around them. But as for now, I’ve got the DrawProject to think about. I’ve got the rest of the month to worry about it but I need to start my creative process (mull, snack, watch tv, repeat) so I can get some ideas. Also I’m updating my Etsy page (if you’ve noticed the link on the right has nothing in my store, so I’m working on that issue, more to come!). As always thanks for checking out my art and reading my ramblings. If you got questions, comments, dirty remarks, etc, drop me a line!


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