Coffee…Its Always A Good Decision

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons-T.S. Eliot

My coffee cup!
My coffee cup!

This is a slight departure from my normal art blogging but it certainly belongs under the random postings. I get a daily art email from Visual News and they recently had a post about coffee and tea cups. In the description it said to tell about your favorite coffee cup in the comment section. I was drinking some coffee at the time out of my favorite cup, so I decided to share the tale of my cup. As usual with my writing, I tend to type more than originally planned and the end comment was longer than intended. So then I thought this awesome comment/autobiographical story should shared with the masses! Or at least my blog readers, if you’re out there.

As previously stated with the title, I LOVE coffee and everything about it. I can’t remember the exact time I started drinking it regularly but ever since I did, I’ve been hooked! I asked my mom if she could remember when I started drinking coffee (Moms know everything). I don’t remember this but she said when I was little I would want to order coffee in resturants. I also remember whilst (yeah whilst) I was younger, my oldest brother Tommy having an expresso or cappucino machine and he would let me try it. Anyways here’s the novel of a comment that I wrote about my coffee cup, enjoy!

Ok so my favoritest (new word) coffee mug ever comes courtesy of my oldest brother Tommy. It was 1997 and for my 12th birthday, my brother told me to close my eyes and when I opened them I’d get my birthday present. As well as a big brother should, he had (lovingly) teased me all my life with the usual scares, “your shoes untied”, 52 card pick-up, etc. So needless to say I developed a lack of trust about him. So I kept peeking and he said “keep them closed!” and I replied “I’m nervous it’s a trick!”. So he said “open your eyes” and the first thing I noticed was a stuffed animal (I loved (actually still do) stuffed animals when I was a kid) of little brown bulldog. Actually it was a bean-filled animal (this was the height of the beanie baby craze). Very cute but the little bulldog was sitting in a white coffee cup that had yellow smiley face wearing a red & white Dr. Suess hat. Like i said this was ’97. Underneath the smiley face were the initials V.S.U. for Valdosta State University where my brother was going to school at the time. Its also where I graduated college at as well. I still have it and actually I’m drinking coffee out of it right now! So yeah not only it a good coffee mug, it has memories attached to it.

So there’s that, now you know the story of my coffee cup. A trivial post? Possibly. But in reality I could go on and on about how possessions while they are only just “stuff” are holders of memories of times gone by. Every “thing” has a story and I think we should appreciate everything we have. I’m working on not having so much material things in my life and trying not to acquire things that I know I don’t “need”. This is a challenge because I love to shop…like a lot! If I sit and focus on the little things I do have like this coffee cup, I can begin to realize that I don’t need anything else material, it just a bunch of “wants”…actually I’m always in need of art supplies…yes its a constant struggle!


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