Jeremiah 17:9

The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?-Jeremiah 17:9

Another piece, another blog post! Back with more art-y facts (artifacts, get it? Geez I’m a dork) about my artwork. Let’s get this beast started!

So I love illustration and everything about it. It kinda sucks cos whilst I was in college taking my graphic design classes, I never actually got to take an illustration class. Gasp, I know! They traditionally offered Graphic Design III, the illustration class, in the spring so after taking my first GD class, I was excited about taking it. It was mainly working with Adobe Illustrator instead of Photoshop (which I preferred Illustrator anyways) but nooooo! The curriculum changed at the last minute and they switched it to a stupid web design class, grrr. I made a B in it but I think that was just because the teacher liked me cos my work was sucky! Let’s just say that web design is not my strong suit.

Anyways! Back to illustration and my love for it. I like to take words, quotes, sayings, song lyrics, stories, etc and give them a visual companion. Comic book artists are my fave when it comes to this. So I take a bundle of words and treat it to my interpretation. One day (big dream ahead here) I would love to do a huge series of all my favorite parts of the Bible, almost like a illustrated study commentary. But for now I’m settling with this piece.

It’s called Jeremiah 17:9 and its one of my favorite Bible verses (which there are quite a few). So naturally I thought “I’ll use it as some inspiration!”. First challenge I faced was how? I mean go literal, abstracted, add a chicken and don’t even show a heart? So I ended up taking the more straightforward path. At the time I was still heavy into anatomy (which I’m currently still digging) and I love the old parchment look of like Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings. I wanted it to look like a found page in an old vintage book, the kind that smells really good (yeah I smell books).

I created that look by mixing some brown and yellow acrylic together and throwing it all over the paper. The only thing it came out looking more brown than sepia-toned but I went with it and started the next part. The next part was I drew a big heart with some arteries, big enough to pretty much take the whole right side of the page. I decided to use acrylics with piece but I wanted it really washy so I added lots of water to the blues and reds of the heart. It almost worked like watercolors, so woot for that.

So part two is completed. Then came the part that I was most nervous about. I love using text in my works but I’m always conscious of if it will add to or take away from the general idea. Also placement and how I do it is always in the back of my mind. So I had this big heart drawn and had the perfect place for the text to go. I wanted to incorporate the verse onto the piece. Got my favorite pen and ended up writing the verse directly on it, Wasn’t satisfied. It looked like it didn’t belong. I ended writing over it again then taking a brush with water to it, so the words would smear and drip. I think it made it a little more effective. So here’s the final result:

#138 13 Jeremiah 17 9 28.3 18 x 24 Mixed Media On Paper
Although its look innocent enough, the heart is deceitful!

There’s that piece, a mixed-media work on mixed-media 18 in x 24 in paper (that paper is awesome!). So hopefully with this, I can keep practicing and improving my illustrating skills. All righty, now’s the time to go and clean up my work room a.k.a. The Cat Cave, so I can create more!



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