Heavy With Wings

Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings-Psalms 17:8

All righty next piece! But first lemme dispense with the pleasantries, I’m good, how are you guys? Apparently its Fall already but still feels kinda stuffy here in the big South G-A! Which is fine cos I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer yet…although I am looking forward to start dressing for cooler weather! Which that means online browsing hoodies and jackets that are extremely mandatory for those 2 days of cold weather that we have. Simple rule you can never have too many hoodies!

Ok so back on topic, my next piece! So my best friend a.k.a. My BFF Mandi was the coolest person ever but sadly isn’t here anymore. This sucks so so so much, so I keep things that were important to her close to my heart. One of the things that she loved was wings. She had several pairs of wing earrings, clothing with wings, and the most personal thing was tattoo on her left wrist that read “She flies with her own wings” in Latin. That was a phrase that she truly lived by and because of that, my plan is to build a series around wings and such. My first piece along that thought is called Heavy With Wings. Wings are so symbolic anyway but when I do something with wings, it feels even more special because I feel like I’m doing it directly for her.

So first things first, I got a piece of newsprint paper and tore it into several pieces of all sizes. I covered a piece of bristol board (nice, sturdy, bristol!) with the pieces gluing them down all over the board. So pieces of paper covered a bristol board, where do I go from here? Well I’ll tell ya! I have some charcoal that is more wispier and not as heavy as regular charcoal. Meaning when I put it on the paper and wipe it away, only about half is left. Which isn’t as useless as it sounds, especially for this piece. I covered all the pieces of paper with the charcoal then lightly wiped a lot of the excess away. It gave it very cool effect because it got caught on the edges and made the really cool dark lines. Score!

Then I got one of my favorite media tools: white paint (almost always acrylic, this one happened to be a paint sample container of Behr paint. Good, Better, Behr, words to live by!). Ended up covering the piece all over with the paint. In some past posts, I’ve mentioned how I like to cover charcoal with white paint because of the smudgy (is that a word? It is now) effect. Ended up looking like this:

So step two…or whatever number step this is. I was planning on it being a mixed-media piece, so I thought about the other media I wanted to use: ink! So the end result were wings and a figure drawn in ink. I also felt the need to add some text in ink, so here’s the final result:

#137 13 Heavy With Wings 27.3 14 x 17 Mixed Media On Bristol

So there’s that piece. I’d like to start the wing series as soon as possible but that also means finishing up other stuff around my Cat-Cave a.k.a, my workroom! I can’t seem to create in too cluttery of a space which makes me ponder am I too normal to be an artist or too artistc to be normal? Caught right in the middle! Remember if you get a chance, check out and/or follow me on Instagram!



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