The Prodigal Blogger Returns!

Image from Google…plus its pretty darn funny

Ok so dear faithful readers (if you’re still out there!) I greatly apologize for my very long absence in the blogging universe. I know your lives have probably been empty and vast without my sporadic posts to brighten your life…(pause for laughter and knee-slapping). Much like the Prodigal Son in the Bible parable, I am running back to guys hoping you’ll take me back even though I’ve somewhat left you guys hanging. I’m not even gonna ask for a fatted calf, just maybe an “aw shucks, sure we’ll take you back!”

But I do have an excuse! In late April I was offered a job to be the creative consultant/ designer/ painter for a new business opening in our community. Its called Raisin’ Cane and it’s a farmer’s market/ agricultural center/ corn maze/ field trip place/ petting zoo etc where people can learn and “experience agriculture” (the tagline). We’re super excited about and its officially opens in about 3 weeks, so busy busy busy!

Check it out here!

So from about mid-May through all summer I’ve been busy painting and designing things. So that’s where a huuuuge chunk of my summer went, along with working on any of my artwork. But I actually got paid to do this stuff whereas my artwork career was not too profitable at the moment. It’s super nice to get a paycheck for doing what I love. Gotta say that’s a very good feeling and pretty much one of my ultimate goals in life.

Also I’ve been battling with straight cut across bangs. Not really pertinent to anything on this blog but I am crazy for cutting my bangs in the summer in south Georgia cos its soooo blessed hot and humid and they do not behave! But I digress…

Anyhoo, along with all of this I got a new phone (woot!). Its an HTC FIrst (I think part of the Droid fam) but I heart it so so much. It can get all sorts of fun apps, including WordPress and Tumblr and obviously Facebook since its the Facebook phone plus it was only a $1 with my upgrade, score!! It also came with Instagram which my Blackberry Torch did not have. So I got a new shiny Instagram profile page that’s kinda pitiful looking at the moment but my goal is to add a pic of my work everyday. It may be more than one or none at all but I’m hoping it’ll be another outlet to get my work broadcasted. There are tons of awesome artists on Instagram, so here’s hoping that Instagram will benefit me too!

Anyways here’s the link to follow me:

if you’d go and take a gander (obviously not a real gander cos that would make no sense) and check it out, I’d greatly appreciate it! And yes its kinda bare but I’ll soon fill it with lots of coolness. In the meantime I’m gonna get back to my poor deprived blog and give it the love and attention it needs. i kind of treat this blog how I treat my plants, so probably a good thing I’m not a parent!

On that note, I will leave you guys with this:

0989What bored art students do to innocent skeletons


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