Quote The Raven….

Edgar_Allan_Poe_2_retouched_and_transparent_bgDeep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before-Edgar Allen Poe

I don’t if anyone lately has been watching the Fox show The Following (well duh apparently people have cos it renewed for a second season) but I have and I’m quite smitten with it. And I’m quite disgusted with the followers and Mr. Joe Carroll (he’s so arrogant and aggravating and his voice never changes tone!) cos they’re all soooo messed up! But Mr Edgar Allen is kinda the catalyst for Joe Carroll’s crazy and its not hard to see why.

I remember reading his work in these old books that my parents had. I was way to young to understand what was going on in them at the time (to be fair, my parents didn’t really care what I read or watched when I was younger and I love them for that!). I remember being intrigued with the visual-ness (yep just made up a word) of his stories.In college we had to read The Fall Of The House Of Usher and when we had to discuss it in class. There was a guy who said “I really don’t like Poe. I’ve never liked his stuff”. While this could be considered blasphemy (actually I did let out a small gasp but then again I don’t the guy was a “literature” fan at all) but I could almost, kinda see his point.

Caw I Say! Caw!!




Not everyone is a Poe fan and some get more distracted by his life than his writings. But to me, his writing is almost begging to be illustrated. Earlier this year, I did a piece for a friend about the Raven. But I still had another Raven piece in me. But until then here are the pieces that lead to “Quote The Raven”.

Quote The Raven 1
Quote The Raven: 1st Day

I started out with a charcoal drawing of the raven first of all. Its not as raven-y and sinister looking as I originally intended as it looks like a kiwi bird but I started out with charcoal on cardboard. My dad had a bunch of cardboard leftover from a job (he is a carpenter/contractor and he keeps me stocked in random supplies like paint, wood, etc) and I use it to paint on sometimes. I like it because of the printed instructions and stickers found on the cardboard. It kind of gives it a found object feeling.

QTR Second Day
QTR 2nd Phase

A method I like to do is paint white paint over charcoal. I love effect that comes from it because it spreads the charcoal around and gives it a dirty and smeared look.

Quote The Raven 3
3rd Phase

So basically I re-drew the raven and pretty much destroyed the smeary- dirty looking raven underneath. I don’t understand my ways either. Also I wanted to use text in here. Obviously “Nevermore” was the Raven’s cool hip catchphrase.

Quote The Raven 4
4th Phase…Getting close to the end!

As much as a white and black piece would probably work, I wanted to throw some red in there. I”m really hoping to do series of raven pieces and I’ll go with a more monochromatic color scheme with those. But with this one, red felt right.

So here’s the final result of “Quote The Raven…”

#134 13 Quote The Raven... 25.2 22 x 24 Mixed Media On Cardboard

There we go, hopefully more to come later this year with some more ravens. Cheers to you Mr. Poe and thanks again for your cool macabre-y stories!


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