Spring Into Art 2013!

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes-Oscar Wilde

Sticker tags they give and our guest so people can match our artwork to us, actually worked one year cos a random guy matched my name to a piece of mine and said how much he liked my work, woot!

So last night I took from creating masterpieces (chuckle chuckle) and went to the annual Spring Into Art Exhibition. What is Spring Into Art you ask? Its a yearly event around Valdosta (where I’m from) where local and some national artists showcase their works. Every year the Turner Center hosts a big to-do where people dress up nice and eat awesome catered food and have waaaay too much to drink, which I will encourage only if in their drunk state they buy my artwork! My friend Sarah Reynolds who rocks at realism and photography entered as well, so we went together. And you get to bring a guest, so she brought our church mutual friend Helen’s brother Mike as her guest. And I brought our other mutual church friend Amber as my guest. Me and Amber are new friends so it was fun to hang out with her in a different setting than at church. Here are some pics of our fun fun night!

Here our Motley Crue! From left to right, there's your fearless blog writer, my friend Sarah, Amber, and Mike...and yes a random gorilla and parrot...they totally photobombed our picture!

Here our Motley Crue! From left to right, there’s your fearless blog writer, my friend Sarah, Amber, and Mike…and yes a random gorilla and parrot…they totally photobombed our picture!

There’s my name in the program, always awesome

I’ve entered every since 2008 and guess how many times I’ve placed in the top or sold?? None! Yeah I’m that good! My mom says I should quit worrying about entering because its a waste of money. Lets just I haven’t found my niche when it comes to entering exhibitions. And not to sound pretentious (which of course is going to sound pretentious now) but the art that is really appreciated in Spring Into Art is not the areas that I specialize in doing. My moms also says I should stop with the skeletons and start doing flowers and landscapes. Then I could sell. And some days I think about that. Should I just do art that I know will sell? Don’t get me wrong, I could do pretty beach scene and daisies. I could do it to death but the thing I don’t enjoy doing it. So there’s that balance of do I really want to be an unknown artist with all this work piled up that doesn’t sell? Or do I want to work on stuff that could be financially good but boring?

The crowd was stupid busy! And they all felt the need to stop and talk in front of the art, that’s what the middle of the room is for!

Its so funny because every year I also enter the DrawProject. Its a silent auction and if your piece is bought, the money goes toward a Valdosta State University (where I went to college, go Blazers!) scholarship. It turns out every year for the past 3 years I’ve entered my pieces have sold but I don’t get the money! I’m glad it goes to a worthy cause but its the one exhibition where I succeed at but my reward is going towards helping other art students which is all well and good. Plus that means 4 different people have bought my drawings, woot! Anyhoo…

Usually I’m not one for desserts but this stuff was flippin’ delicious! They had a cheesecake that was so good it made you want to slap somebody!

As for the Spring Into Art crowd, I haven’t found that certain itch that needs to be scratched. Apparently other people have and it makes me wonder if I were to do exactly what they do, if I would get the same rewards? Questions questions! Me and my friend have planned to do flower pieces for next year’s exhibit and see what happens. We will not ignored dang it! I’m not going to say its not a little discouraging to have entered 5 years in a row and not receive anything but I did get a “thank you” from the Turner Center people which I’ve never gotten before, score! Here’s the rest of our night:

Here’s my Self Pt. 3 “Lips” piece, I was pretty pleased with how this one came out. Its part of a series of self portraits of me and my parts (nothing obscene though, nobody wants to see that!
Here’s my other piece, Torso Anatomy. There’s hopefully gonna be an upcoming blog about the fruition of this piece.
And what better way to end the night than the synchronized harassment of the gorilla?!

Anyways hope you enjoyed our exploits at the Turner Center Spring Into Art Exhibition, here’s hoping next year will be just as fun and hopefully successful!


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