Phantom 1

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly”-Morticia Adams

So here I am apologizing again for my clear lack of blogging and keeping people informed about my art. Super duper sorry again! But I think this time, I have an excuse. I’ve actually been productive! Yes since my last blog (1st of March, yeah) I’ve been working on like 7 different pieces. Some involve organs, skeletons, text, washy watercolors and other fun ingredients. I also took a trip to Home Depot for some heavier duty art supplies. The weather is getting more Spring-like here so I’m getting ready to start some big art projects in the great outdoors a.k.a. Inside my screened in porch. I bought some luan board panels, spray paint, paint thinner, paint samples, big brushes, a paint respirator mask (apparently I’m a delicate flower when it comes to breathing around oil paint and paint thinner fumes, so problem solved!).

So what am I blogging about now? Good question cos I temporarily went on a tangent…oh yeah…So I’ve decided to write a blog about each piece that I worked on. Add some background info and my thought and work process that went into it. I’ve already blogged about 2 pieces that I’ve done this year so this blog is dedicated to my third completed. I have to say completed because at one point I would be working on 4 different pieces at once. The blogs will correspond to which ones were finished first.

The third piece Phantom 1 started like this. One night in church, I was sketching (and yes I was paying attention! Sometimes I tend to listen better when I’m doodling) in my little black sketch that I’ve had for like 4 years cos it still notes from college in it.

So this is the initial drawing:

I showed it to my brother and asked “Isn't it adorable??” His face said no but his mouth no as well.
I showed it to my brother and asked “Isn’t it adorable??” His face said no but his mouth no as well.

So about a week later I got my ink pen stylus thing (the quill pen like thing, I don’t know the name of it, man I suck at art vocabulary!), some India ink, and paper. I did some scratchy lines here and there forming my little Phantom. With ink, I like to keep a brush (paint not hairbrush, although I’m in constant need of one) beside me cos I like to work water into wet ink and it’ll basically work for me then I use the brush to manipulate it. So enough about that here’s the final product:

13 Phantom 1 21.2 9 x 12 Ink On Paper

So yeah there it is, I’m really hoping to make a series of Phantoms. I’ve got some big ideas coming up and hopefully they’ll pan out. Hope you enjoyed this and any comments and critiques are always helpful or just general “what’s up!” comments work too! Kid C out!


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