The Start Of Some Sort Of Mania…

The scariest moment is always just before you start”-Stephen KIng

Ok so 2013 is going pretty darn good, can’t complain, actually I will…later on. At the moment, my goal to blog more about my art and art related issues, has been a bust. I had the bestest of intentions to blog at least once a week, but sadly you see this is the first one I’ve done and it’s what the 30 of January? Wow, yeah I’m that good.

Anyhoo, its supposedly January here in south Georgia (I have to specify south Georgia, because weather-wise its so darn different than north Georgia’s weather) and its been about 75 degrees. Its like spring! I only mention this because the weather kinda affects my mood. While I do prefer warmer weather, when its winter it would be good to be a little cold! Plus I just bought a puffy vest and I wanna wear at least once before the hot weather gets here. (Another) Plus I love drinking coffee when its cold, although I do tend to drink it in the summer too, yeah even though that makes some people gag.

Anyhoo…again, the real reason for this blog, back to the art! I’ve completed 2 pieces already this year (one was personal and the other was my first commission of the year, woot!) but before then I was wracked with some serious blockage (not writer’s block but I guess you’d call it art block). I had all these ideas but none were even close enough to come into fruition, major source of grrrrr! So I took my little sketchbook with me, even to church (I promise I was listening!) but I’d doodle little things here and there to no avail. 

Here’s my main supply station, its actually organized but it doesn’t last too long

So about 10 into the new year, I went to Hobby Lobby and did some heavy re-stocking of some supplies. Some acrylic paint (I’m stocked to the gills with oils and watercolors), a new sketchbook, brushes, paper, canvas, pens, etc. So there was no excuse to not get any work done. But the lazy human part of me (yes according to my brother I am an android) still didn’t want to get anything done. So long story short (actually this is the longer version cos there’s still more to add) a Facebook friend requested me do a piece for her. I got really excited and started to work immediately on it. She had seen a piece that I had done before called Nevermore based on you guessed it Mr. Poe. So I re-did the piece to make it more dark, creepy, and macabre, which is what she wanted (plus it kinda what I do best 😉 )

Here’s the end product: so

Quote The Raven...Caw, caw!
Quote The Raven…Caw, caw!

So also at the same time of working on this little beauty, I got another spurt of inspiration and decided to start back to my anatomical works. More to come on that one. So after these 2 works came into fruition a couple of weeks ago, it seems that I’ve hit another another wall (not literally, although I have done that before too). This year I’ve been watching Fringe (awesome!) and reading The Hunger Games trilogy. and wishing I was as smart as Dr. Walter Bishop 

Dr. Walter Bishop, mad scientist extraordinaire!

and as resourceful as Katniss Everdeen. I mention them because they are currently buzzing in my head along with a million other ideas for art. So in the midst of all of this I’ve acquired an imaginary thought board. Michael Kors did a demo of a thought board on Project Runway showing how he took one idea (Doris Day) and turned it into a clothing collection. I thought it was pretty cool. So after seeing that, I try and do this when I’m thinking about some projects I’d like to do. Whether just in my head or I have enough printer ink, I’ll print some things out. Currently in my head, along with Fringe and The Hunger Games, are medical illustrations, Bible verses (namely Jeremiah 17:9 and Matthew 10: 26), Henry Gray, Edgar Allen Poe, science and scientific pioneers, and my new art supplies. Here are some pics of things that have got me in the mood in my work room a.k.a. The Cat Cave:

My 2 new anatomy books, coooooool!
My 2 new anatomy books, coooooool!
My thought board, or actually thought pile
My thought board, or actually thought pile
And of course my Mr. Coffee
And of course my Mr. Coffee

So that’s some major buzzing going on! It feels like I’m on a cliff and all these yummy ideas are swimming beneath me. All I need is a good hard push for me to start working like I’ve contracted some sort of madness. My kingdom for a pensieve from Harry Potter!


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