It’s The Most Wonderful…Busiest…Colorful…Bustling Time Of Year! Pt. 1 (An Apology)

So I am apologizing to my blog world for posting a couple of posts then basically abandoning it! Poor deprived thing. Good thing my blog wasn’t a fish, it would have kicked the bucket about a month and a half ago. I’ve been thinking lately why I even started this blog. Its intention was to share with people online what I do artistically (and anything that struck my fancy) in order to get some exposure about my art. But like with a lot of stuff I start, I stop it or I forget to keep it updated. So no more of that! I realize it’s not the new year yet but I’m resolving right now to treat my poor blog like a living breathing organism and give it love and attention and some pretty things. I’ve been doing sketches daily for the past two months and my intention was to post them. At the moment, I’m on the cusp of some new year-end projects and what better time to re-start my blogging habits. So more to come very very soon!


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