A New Design

So God has smiled on me with my art career as of late. First of all I have a buyer for one of my artworks. I have a Facebook page here where all my pieces are displayed and a friend of  mine found one she liked and decided she wanted to buy it, score!

So this little one will be getting a new home pretty soon!

And this second part of my recent art opportunity is courtesy once again of C Is For Cathy FB page. A friend that I went to high school is a musician and plays guitar and banjo. So after he browsed my FB art page, I get a message from him wanting me to design something for his banjo head.

Not his banjo but the part of the banjo that I would be painting on

So naturally I was stoked to start working on that but then panic set in as to what I wanted to put on there! So after mulling it over a while, I decided to do something in the vein of the recent anatomical work I’ve been doing. Here are the 2 ideas I came up with. I showed them to him and he liked them both:

Heart sketch, it’ll be all nice and colored red and black!

Here’s the second one, it accidentally came out pink but it’ll probably be red & black too

I think once I actually get a hold of the banjo, then I’ll be able to decide which design I want to go with. And actually the thing I’m most excited about the exposure I hope to get from the guy playing the banjo in front of people and people seeing my artwork!

So that’s what going down at the moment


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