Frankenstein, The Other White Meat

So the other day I was thinking what else truly got me into wanting to do a medical and anatomical illustration series. I think it was last October I was reading the book of Job when I came across Job 10:8, it read: “Your hands have made me and fashioned me,
An intricate unity;
Yet You would destroy me”-Job 10:8. Here Job was stressing cos he thought God had made him only to destroy him. And for some reason my mind went straight to Frankenstein. How Dr. Frankenstein created his monster, this intricate unity, but then he also had the power to destroy him. So I got heavily into Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, the human body (what a delicate and involved machine it is), then I finally got to read the book and it was good but different than I expected. But that Bible verse was part of the fuel that ignited what I’m doing now.

So anyhoo, I just completed piece #4 in my medical anatomy series last week.I have drawn out 40+ anatomy sketches that I intend to turn into a medical illustration series. The Head & Neck Muscles was one of the more interesting sketches, so that was the next in line to complete. A habit I have is to take pictures of the day-to-day process of a piece’s progression. So here’s the newest piece Superficial Muscles Of The Head And Neck from start to finish:

Image My best friend Mandi bought a box of books and there was this old anatomy book like something you would find out of a movie. It had handwritten notes and torn pages and everything, I was only hoping that it had an old treasure map in it but sadly no. So anyways this was the template of the head and neck muscles piece I did.

Image Here’s my original sketch of Superficial Muscles Of The Head And Neck that I did back in May. I think the nose in this sketch underwent for changes to the end result.

Image Step 1 of the real thing, filling the muscle lines in. This was done with a charcoal pencil so extra extra care was taken so it wouldn’t smear!

Image Step 2, muscle lines drawn!

Image Step 3, adding some shadowy elements to make the focal point stand out more. This was also done with charcoal, so needless to say there was lots of erasing done to avoid messiness!


The end result. This was done with a nice watercolor called rust oxide. I lightly wrote a few medical terms around the head in the charcoal. At the bottom right it reads “Fig. 105, Superficial Muscles Of The Head And Neck” hence the name. So there you go, one more down, like 50 something more to go!


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