The Human Body Is Pretty Darn Cool

Ok so I created this blog in order to get the word out about my art, make a space for people to check it out, and give some insight about it. I have a couple of sites where you see all of it

But my main focus with this blog is to give a behind the scenes peek of what goes on during my creation process and to keep up a focus my current artwork. So my art has taken a direction towards the medical and anatomical. With my oldest brother, and a couple of my friends are nurses and because I have a bit of medical experience myself, the human body has become a source of fascination for me. There is no end to what I can create using it as a template. Either straight out illustrations or juxtaposing it with different objects and scenarios, it is something I cannot get bored with.

In college, I went to an art show from the Medical College of Georgia

and it was the coolest thing because it was medical information in art setting. It was kind of like working in the applied art field graphic design because you have to strike a balance between the client wants and what you as the artist wants…anyways earlier this year, I wanted to draw a skull

The first sketch that started it all.

and here’s the result…and ever since I’ve been reaching for as many anatomy books as I can find (I’ve got 4 that I’m working from) to get me some ideas for my new series.

Around this time last year I started a charcoal drawing series of self portraits of different parts of me (nothing provocative) so I think that kind of fed into my new anatomy focus. Sadly my self-portrait project had to be postponed for a bit because I ran out of big paper to work on! So once I get some extra dough, it’ll be on the back burner. Here’s an example of one of the pieces:

My left ear, tiny earring and all!

So that’s where I am currently in my artistic work. In addition to this, I’m on an online self-promotion kick  to get my name out as much as possible. I’ve done this blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Branchout, and a Behance portfolio. Next up is an Etsy store to sell my works, a Flickr  account and any other outlet I can find!

Cat signing out.


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