The road to hell is paved with works in progress-Philip Roth

Hello all! So this week, I’m going to share a fact: I’ve got like oh let me see, about 10 billion different projects going at once, no big deal! I was even thinking about starting another one today…yes I am crazy! So on that note I’ll share what is going on in the Cat Cave:

P.S. I am sooo sorry for the horrid placement of these pictures, they are super cattywhompus!

This came about on a super wild hair!
Double skull…planning on incorporating some watercolors on this
Mini posters or mini cards…a weird version of the alphabet
One of my favorite quotes, hopefully will be turned into a typography piece
A business card idea…like a professional…ha ha me a professional
Playing around with some new spray paint
Its Gonna Be A Glorious Day, I Feel My Luck Could Change-Lucky by Radiohead
Coffee Rainbow!
In A Heartbeat
You are responsible for your own happiness…no one else!
Came from listening to Jay Z

All righty that’s all folks! Maybe in the future, these pieces won’t be babies anymore. They’ll turn into fully grown up artworks. Then you can say “oh I knew you when you were just a little thing”!

And just for a gratuitous note, this was my treat the other afternoon. I don’t even care for devil’s food cake (chocolate for that matter, aahh gasp and awe!) but this is one the most aesthetically pleasing snacks around  :)

Treat yo self

Have an awesome weekend and eat something pretty!

That’s One Classy Octopus

#159 14 That's One Classy Octopus 15 x 22 Watercolors

When Mary is confused or perplexed, she spurts anger the way an octopus spurts ink and hides in the dark cloud of it-John Steinbeck

Helloooooo!! And let’s get to it! I completed this piece last December and it was done for this year’s DrawProject. I have to admit the idea is there but I wasn’t 100% pleased with the execution because I felt rushed and like most of the time I waited til the last friggin’ minute! Sometimes doing that works okay for me but other times, not so much! This particular I think was bought in a silent auction but I’d love to re-furbish and try it again and actually take my time with it. Although I did hear that someone said it was creepy, score!

This was step 2, step 1 was in my sketchbook but i didn’t get a picture of it!
Step number whatever…I kind of forgot to capture the step by step process on this pieces, shame on me!

#159 14 That's One Classy Octopus 15 x 22 WatercolorsThat’s One Classy Octopus 15 in x 22 in Watercolors & Ink 2014

All righty so there you go, chalk up another masterpiece in the C Is For Cathy artwork collection, ha ha I’m hilarious! Have a great weekend!



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.”

Quick random post, the daily prompt spoke to me, so I decided to share!

This was the day after I had I had it done before it got all scabby and gross! Back in high school and college, my BFF and I used to write notes and letters to each other. This was her signature at the end of her letters!

Yes I have a tattoo and I absolutely love it! 18 September 2014 was when I got it, so its almost a year old. So here it goes like this: my BFF was always one for tattoos. I liked them but never thought about them. She loved them and had quite a few in unseen places (she was a teacher so she thought about that when she got them) and was always saying we should get one together. I was horrified by the thought! A tattoo?! its seemed so permanent,and the pain, oh no ma’am! But after she was killed in a car wreck, it didn’t seem so crazy, I mean what’s so bad about it? I’ve already resigned myself that I’ll never have a professional job. I absolutely hate needles but this wasn’t like having blood drawn, so maybe it wouldn’t be that that bad. So I researched and researched and researched: placement, the risks, the pain, aftercare, infections everything I could find. So I decided I would get one. The other hurdle was my mother. Her exact words: “well I’ll be disappointed in you but you’re an adult”. I can live with disappointment, no big deal! So my other great friend and I went to town one day and I came home with it. It’s on my left wrist and honestly I would get another get another one in a heartbeat! Deciding on what I wanted was probably the hardest part because it would be there forever! I had a bunch of quotes typed out and wrote down because I wanted a quote or words since she was a writer/English teacher (me and her are both bookworms). And I had one of her letters with me and at the last minute, I gave the guy (he goes to church with my brothers and he’s a great guy!) one of her letters with her signature. So he got everything ready for me and I was sooo nervous while waiting! It took him more time to get things ready for to do it than it actually took for him to get it done. Which that’s a good sign that he’s knows what he’s doing. It didn’t hurt near as bad as I thought and the spot I have it on, I had heard it was really painful there but it wasn’t bad! It was was the best $50 I could spend and I would love to get more, I’m addicted now! I read a lot about tattoo regret and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t get it sooner with my BFF so we could have had that special memory together. But it there now so no going back!

Zombie Warning Poster

#157 14 Zombie Warning Poster 11 x 15 7.6 Watercolors

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth-Dawn Of The Dead

Its Friday and I’m back, what the what?! Two blogs in in two weeks, what is wrong with me?! Yes I’m trying to get better about my weekly blogging. In reality I’d love to get better about blogging whenever the crap I feel like it but things get in the way and the next thing I know it Friday again. So here we go getting back to posting some more stuff that I’ve done back in 2014, allons-y!

Zombies…I can’t say enough about the zombie genre. About 8 years ago, they (and all scary movies) used to scare the bejeezus out of me but after I watched Night Of The Living Dead and Shaun Of The Dead, I wasn’t yet convinced but was very intrigued. Then came one Saturday when one of my brothers made me to watch 28 Days Later and the new Dawn Of The Dead in one afternoon…then I was officially hooked!! So pretty much anything zombie-wise I’m there! But heed my warning, there is some terrible zombie media around. So long story short, that’s where this piece came from.

IMG_20140522_155349Pretty sure this came to me one Wednesday during Bible class. As I’ve stated before, doodling helps me focus so I’m not just ignoring the preacher, I promise! Ok that’s cleared up! So this little scribble came out and I immediately thought “yep this will become a piece sometime”.

IMG_20140522_155359Flash forward to who knows when, I quickly scrawled this out as study and I loved how simplistic and stupid it is!

IMG_20140523_180312Stage whatever number this is and here’s the brain that is in danger of being devoured!

Here is the final result:

#157 14 Zombie Warning Poster 11 x 15 7.6 WatercolorsZombie Warning Poster 11 in x 15 in Watercolors 2014

If you find yourself coveting this poster and just can’t live without it, you can buy it here on Etsy:

I had a creative blues funk yesterday and forced myself out but that means I’ve created three little art babies who need some TLC, I’m out, have a great weekend!

Bad Bad Blogger! But I Have Shiny New News!


en_isell_2Ok soooooo kinda awkward I’ve been M.I.A. (missing in action, not the singer) for the past two weeks! I am super sorry and am now realizing that social media is a full time animal to keep up with. I used to think that once a week would cut it but my word, I suck at that! So my new aim (ha ha goals!) is to try and just blog when I’m working on something and keep with current progress. Also I realized earlier that I have to update my Behance, Redbubble, Pinterest, and Tumblr….hmmmm….well it’ll get done at some point.

But on the other positive note, I have been busy these past two weeks re-doing and updating my Etsy shop! Its all shiny and clean and stocked to brim with pretty much everything I do. Lots of paintings, drawings, illustrations, anatomy drawings, custom name signs, even crocheted and knitted things to order!

Check it out:

And also I re-did my Facebook art page or actually deleted it the old one and made a new one. Here it is!:

So yeah if you’ll bear with me, I am trying to get my crap together! More to come, have a super fun weekend!

#FBF Mass

#20 10 Mass 20 x 26 17.2 Oils, Paper

The mass of men leads lives of quiet desperation-Henry David Thoreau

Hellooooo! Ok so VBS 2015 Righteous Roundup is over and it was a blast!! At the same time, I’m kind of glad its done and things will be back to normal! It was a blast though and we had great numbers every night, woo hoo! So here we go let’s get to this week’s art!

#20 10 Mass 20 x 26 17.2 Oils, PaperMass 20 in x 26 in Oils 2010

Also my day was made today. My sweet 6 yr old nephew Michael mailed me a picture he painted for me! When I got it and opened it I was oh my word, sweetest piece of mail ever!! Here’s his masterpiece!

imageSo there you go, bam! Gotta jet hope you all (y’all as we say here in Georgia and you have to pronounce Georgia like Blanche Deveraux does) have a suuuuuper great weekend!!

#FBF I Am The Night, Color Me Black

#77 10 I Am The Night 4.10 14 x 17 Acrylics, Bristol

In all this darkness, is there anybody who can make out the truth? He hated and he killed and now he dies. And you hated, you killed, and now there’s not one of you… Not one of you who isn’t doomed. Do you know why it’s dark? Do you know why it is night all around us? Do you know what the blackness is? It’s the hate he felt, that hate you felt, the hate all of us feel, and there’s too much of it. There’s just too much. And so we had to vomit it out. And now it’s coming up all around us and choking us. So much hate, so much miserable hate-I Am The Night, Color Me Black Twilight Zone Episode

This episode of the Twilight Zone aired in 1964 and we’re still dealing with this hate.

#77 10 I Am The Night 4.10 14 x 17 Acrylics, BristolI Am The Night, Color Me Black 14in x 17in Acrylics 2010

#FBF Icarus Set To Fail

#32 10 Icarus Set to Fail 18 x 24 24.3 Oil on Cardboard

All limits are self-imposed-Icarus

Never regret thy fall O Icarus of the fearless flight For the greatest tragedy of them all Is to never feel the burning light-Oscar Wilde

Hello! And here’s some flashback for youse guys!

#32 10 Icarus Set to Fail 18 x 24 24.3 Oil on CardboardIcarus Set To Fail 18 in x 24 in Oils 2010

And on that note, I’m out! I have a super fun day planned tomorrow, heading down to Jacksonville to see Jurassic World in IMax 3D! Then of course shopping will be done and delicious food will be eaten! Have a good one yourself peoples!