Kurt Vonnegut And Mr. Spock

#154 14 Vonnegut Quote 11 x 14 18.5 Watercolors & Ink

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt-Kurt Vonnegut

First of all, this happened today: Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy Dead At 83 image http://www.cinemablend.com/television/Star-Trek-Leonard-Nimoy-Dead-83-70326.html

Which sucked for us sci-fi aficionados. I’ll be honest, while I’m not a Star Trek fan, I am a Leonard Nimoy fan. Majorly sucky, thoughts and prayers are with his family. Then I thought how special it must be to know a family member of yours touched so many lives as Mr. Nimoy did. There would some small comfort in knowing that. One of my favorite quotes about friendship came from Spock: I have been, and always shall be, your friend…sigh

So speaking of friends, today’s piece is based on a quote from my BFF’s favorite writer, Mr. Vonnegut and probably his most famous work Slaughterhouse Five. She always loved that quote and it has really grown on me. So much to the point that I wanted a tattoo of it. But after checking Pinterest and realizing that everyone and their sister has it, I settled on something else. So here’s the piece for the quote:

wpid-img_20140505_180121.jpgwpid-img_20140505_210629.jpgwpid-img_20140508_201309.jpgAnd the final results:

#154 14 Vonnegut Quote 11 x 14 18.5 Watercolors & Ink
The Vonnegut Quote 11 in x 15 in Ink And Watercolors 2014

So there you go, why I chose green? No idea! Hope you all have a great fantastic weekend. Its Taco Friday night, ole!

Once Again…..

I’m a terrible person and blogger…there I said it. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, although I’ve had to say that way too often (that I’m a terrible person) (also a bad blogger). But my mom a.k.a. Mama has been under the weather and in the hospital and we brought her home this week, woot! Therefore this week has not been conducive to anything creatively productive. BUT that being said we are super glad to have her home and she is glad to be home, now the road to recovery has begun and hopefully this time next week she’ll be even better! That being said, maybe this will tide all my loyal readers (ha ha I crack myself) over til next Friday. Until then, ta ta!

Image result for yesterday you said tomorrow

Chirp, You Say?

#153 14 Chirp, You Say 8.5 x 14 19.4 Watercolors & Ink

Whenever I hear the sparrow chirping, watch the woodpecker chirp, catch a chirping trout, or listen to the sad howl of the chirp rat, I think: Oh boy! I”m going insane again!-Jack Handey

Quick post today, just a little bird illustration:

#153 14 Chirp, You Say 8.5 x 14 19.4 Watercolors & Ink

Chirp, You Say? 8.5 in x 14 in Watercolors & Ink 2014

Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend!

Black, White, And Read All Over


What is black and white and red all over? A newspaper-old joke

All righty this was a submission for last year’s Spring Into Art. Which speaking of I’ve got to get on the ball about a new piece for this year’s! I had fun doing this one but there were a lot of steps to get it done. Its pieces like this that I enjoy the most! I had the idea just playing around on a paint app on my tablet and it came out a little different than I first sketched.This piece was made using paint markers, charcoal pencils, acrylic paint, x-acto blade, spray paint, luan board, glue, and newspapers.  I chose the title based on that old newspaper joke since it was black, white, and red and it also was made from newspapers. Just seemed like the right thing to do :)

Step 1: I glued a bunch of newspapers together that had interesting headlines (which I guess didn’t matter since they were covered up). I painted about 3/4 of it with white acrylic paint then spray painted the other half black (oh how I like spray paint!)
Had to draw this guy on newsprint then proceed to cut it out with scissors and and x-acto blade…very very delicate work.
After I was done with the cutting out, I situated it precisely where I wanted it on the board because there were a spray painted section that was too pretty to cover up!
The faintest of lines made from charcoal pencil and white pencil.
Got the outline started with some paint, the next part was the most time consuming because I had to look at the skeleton sketch several times over to get the bones and everything in the right place.
And voila, the finished piece! I had the black and outline done but it was just missing a little something to make it pop. So my friend Sarah suggested a little color around the outline and red was the best choice. So I added it around just the main part because if I had done all around, I think it would have been way too much red. So there it is!

Black, White, And Read All Over Mixed Media on Luan Panel 2014

Hopefully in the future I’ll get a print for sale on Redbubble or it would be super awesome if I could sell it! If you’re interested, let me know! Until then I’ll check back in next week, same Bat time, same Bat place!

The Rains Of Castamere

#151 14 The Rains Of Castamere 14 11 x 15 20.2 Watercolors & Ink

The singers make much of kings who die valiantly in battle, but your life is worth more than a song-George R. R. Martin A Storm Of Swords

Short and sweet. I love Game Of Thrones, the shows, the books, everything! So I made this piece last year as a tribute to the Lannister House song. Enjoy!

#151 14 The Rains Of Castamere 14 11 x 15 20.2 Watercolors & InkKind of cloudy but it the Lannister house song in their colors. Although I’m more of a Targaryen house fan! :) So in case you can’t the muddy words, here’s the lyrics:

“And who are you, the proud Lord said
that I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
that’s all the truth I know.
In a coat of gold or a coat of red,
a lion still has claws.
And, mine are as long and sharp, my Lord
as long and sharp as yours.
And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
that Lord of Castamere,
but now the rains weep o’er his hall,
with no one there to hear.
Yes, now the rains weep o’er his hall,
and not a soul to hear.”
George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

All right people I’m out! If you like this piece, the print is for sale here!

A Horse Of A Different Color

#150 14 A Horse Of A Different Color 11 x 15 18.2 Watercolors & Ink

Thor: I need a horse! Pet Shop Clerk: We don’t have horses. Just dogs, cats and birds… Thor: Then give me one of those large enough to ride! — Thor

Hi hi! Quick post today for this week’s submission because tomorrow is going to be pretty busy. Our church is having a chili cook-off Saturday and I’m entering a chili…despite the fact I have never before made chili in my life! So I’ll be working on that all day tomorrow. If you Google the phrase “a horse of a different color, The Wizard Of Oz, immediately pops up! Which is such a superb movie, so the phrase was in my head. And now its on paper…or watercolor paper to be exact. So here is this week’s post about A Horse Of A Different Color (p.s. sorry for the kinda crappy resolution of some these pics!)

wpid-img_20140203_181141-1.jpgwpid-img_20140203_181623.jpgwpid-img_20140210_213134.jpgwpid-img_20140211_210239.jpgwpid-img_20140212_164801.jpgwpid-img_20140213_163355.jpg#150 14 A Horse Of A Different Color 11 x 15 18.2 Watercolors & InkA Horse Of A Different Color 11 in x 15 in Watercolor & Ink 2014

So there it is and if you find yourself completely enamored with it and you just gotta have it, the print is here for sale:


You happy people have a great weekend and wish me luck for my chili, fingers crossed its edible!

Longfellow Arrow Quote #2


I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to the earth, I knew not where-Longfellow

Hello Week No. 2! Back to normal posting!

Ok so I just realized a very embarrassing error about this piece. I attributed this quote in this artwork to William Wordsworth when It was actually written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow….oh such is me! That is super embarrassing and normally I am waaay more careful about stuff like this. So I can either put this piece away and never let it be seen or correct it so it can go along with its companion piece. Ugh…well anyways here’s the back story behind it…


I love The Twilight Zone. If I ever had a stupid amount of money to burn, I’d buy the series in a heartbeat! There was a great episode entitled “I Shot An Arrow Into The Air” from the poem The Arrow And The Song by HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW, not WILLIAM WORDSWORTH (my best friend, the English Major, would never forgive this error!). In the episode, a guy recites this line and ever since its just stuck with me. Plus I love archers and arrows and bowmen and all that. I did this piece along with another arrow quote piece (found here) and here it is, step by step:

                                                      From my sketchbook
                                                  It along with its soul mate
                                   Both arrows, both created with lots of ink

Here is the end result but remember just think in your mind at the bottom, Longfellow, not Wordsworth!

Longfellow Arrow Quote #2 11 in x 15 in Watercolors & Ink 2014

So there you have it. The print was for sale on Redbubble but I just deleted it until I fix this error. But you can still go and check out my other prints there! Etsy shop should be opening back up pretty soon too. Anyhoos, I’m out til next Friday!

Hello Again WordPress! And Hello To You 2015!

Happy New Year 2015. Gonna be MY year baby!! New attitude (already began actually), new start, new ME!

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind-C.S. Lewis

Hello all!

So here I am, making another apology for majorly shirking my blog responsibilities but its a new year right?! Woot and thank goodness! 2015 will be awesome and I will definitely definitely try and be a MUCH better blogger (ha ha at first I spelled that blooger!) this year than last, no more excuses and lots to share!