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A Compilation of All My Recent Goings-Ons* P.S. If You Read All Of This, You’re Awesome and Probably Really Bored!

So hello all! As promised I’m back with a shiny new post and an apology for my slackness lately! But I have an itemized list as proof that I have been rather productive. So it all started in mid-March:

15th March-Started seriously (I say seriously because I started getting things together for it earlier that week but Saturday is when I actually started it)  working on my Spring Into Art project. I started gluing newspaper articles on my giant luan panel board, what a fun Saturday afternoon that was!

17th-24th (minus Sunday) March-Continued working on my SIA project. Finished it that Monday after a tiny mishap but my friend Sarah to the rescue! But while I was working on it, another friend of mine needed some posters done. They were going to be background props for her Lads to Leaders puppets. And they needed to be done by the 9th of April, so that deadline was in the back of my mind while I was working on my own project. Although to help, I kind of put my mom to work painting the background of the posters. And she was crazy fast doing it, so many thanks to her! But thank goodness I finished my SIA project that Monday, couldn’t believe it was actually done but woot!

25th March-On Tuesdays I have an art student that I tutor for 3 hours in the  afternoon, so that’s pretty much work-wise what my day revolves around. Although that night, I got the posters ready for me to start working on the next day.

26th March-7th April-Worked like a beast on those posters…I was a machine! And the Saturday before the 7th, I was practically done but noooo! I wasn’t satisfied, not at all. I felt the need to add to more my workload and added another factor to them but in the end, I’m really glad I did because they look so much better. My friend needed comic book-like posters of superheroes (which of course I love comic book art, and these are all directly from my noodle), so here’s the end results:

wpid-img_20140408_125620.jpgwpid-img_20140408_125754.jpgwpid-img_20140408_125901.jpgwpid-img_20140408_130007.jpg wpid-img_20140408_130055.jpg wpid-img_20140408_130203.jpg wpid-img_20140408_130251.jpg wpid-img_20140408_130337.jpg

7th April-Spring Into Art! More on that, (hopefully) for the next post. Also I got a call from the Corbetts, who I’ve worked with and they needed a plywood cow painted. By the by, I am a flippin’ master when it comes to painting cows! It needed to be done by Friday, challenge accepted!

8th April: Jam packed day! That afternoon at 2, I was expecting a repair guy to come to my house and he didn’t show up until like 2:40 (major lateness, huge pet peeve of mine!). After that guy left, Mr. Mark, brought said plywood cow over, so another project to work on. ALSO in addition to this afternoon, I was meeting another potential student that I was going to work with around 4. It went well, so now I have 2 art students, both 9th grade girls but completely different! Not really pertaining to the busy part but my mom and I went to Pizza Hut for the Tuscani Tuesday pasta deals and it took forever! Or maybe I was just hangry…which is not a pleasant side of mine.

9th & 10th April-Painted a black and white plywood cow. That Thursday afternoon (I worked outside since the cow was so big) after working for 4 hours, I felt disgusting and I had our church’s Sisters To Sisters Meeting that night. So after the cow got completed around 5, I left my mom out there to finish cleaning (don’t judge, she loves to clean!) and I scrubbed for like an hour to get clean and man I felt better afterwards! Finished cow equals mission accomplished!

11th April-Mr. Mark came to pick up Gertrude (the cow) and I also started checking my over 900 emails that had accumulated over all of this time. That sucked majorly! Lots of deletes and now I’m finally down to like 50, phew! Also had every intention of starting cleaning my Cat Cave (my workroom) because after 3 weeks of regular work, it was neglected and rather disastrous. But that didn’t start til the next day and even then it was only like an hour and half.

12th April-Went to Michaels and took advantage of their lowest sale of the season and dropped some dough (I was NOT expecting that total!) on art supplies. With two students, I had to re-stock my supplies and also treated myself to some yarn and knitting needles. Oh yeah, I’ve taken up knitting because I have hardly no free time for anything else, so having another hobby is the smart thing to do right?** Then supper at Wooden Nickel with my parents, my oldest bro and the sis-in-law and the nephews. Cake soon followed.

13th April-Palm Sunday and Family Day at church. Family Day is when everybody at my church brings a covered dish and we feast like kings. There are some pretty amazing cooks at my church. Then that afternoon, a small group from church (myself and my Dad included) went to sing at a nursing home. I have to say, we all sound pretty darn good. Mormon Tabernacle Choir look out!

14th April-First session with my new student and she brought some crackers for snacks, so yeah she’s awesome. I was nervous but excited about it. So we talked about Leonardo Da Vinci and what all she wanted to work on. So I’m going to try and be an overachiever and make lessons plans for my padawans like a real teacher. Notice I said “try”. Worked a little on the Cat Cave.

15th April-Regular afternoon session with my other student who is crazy good at painting fruit. After that and supper, I went back to work on the Cat Cave, determined to do more. That night I moved papers, canvas, folders, and books and all sorts of other stuff for like 2 hours. Was super pleased with my progress but arms felt like they were going to fall off!

16th April-FINALLY finished the Cat Cave! It looks so nice and shiny and organized! I put my pictures back up on the wall and I took pictures as evidence that it was once clean. Here’s proof:


Before and yeah it may not look bad but it was.


Ta-Da! After!

Then that night, I had church and came home and worked on checking emails. And what better way to end the night than by trying to start learning to crochet in the round?

17th April-So that brings us up to today, overly dramatic sigh! Went with my mom (Mutti) to buy a shirt for Easter (a little tradition I have every year to buy a new shirt for Easter, got one, cha-ching) and that followed with a trip to the grocery store. Which resulted in not getting home til 2 and eating a lunch of Apple Jacks at 2:30. I know professional adult right here. Then after checking some more emails, I started this post. Had a fantastic supper, cabbage with sausage was consumed. Here I am, back in the Cat Cave finishing this post. But not after working with some papier mache and getting some stuff ready for tomorrow to work on.

Anyhoos…so yeah that’s been my past month. Hopefully I will return to normal sauce posting next week. Or maybe not, we’ll see! If you read this entire thing, you are awesome and please leave a comment about how ridiculous it is that I shared every little detail of the past month with you guys. Many thanks!

**P.S. if there is anyone who can provide tips or a video about how to cast on stitches for knitting, PLEASE share! I’ve seen a billion (yes a billion) different ways and I can’t for the life of me, master it!

Placeholder Post…Until Next Week

Hello all! Ok so here I am going to apologize in advance. I realize last week I said I would have a shiny new post about what all I’ve been up to. Believe me it has been a lot and that is including today. I may have the chance to go stock up on some art supplies at Michaels today and I’m right in the middle of cleaning the Cat Cave a.k.a. my work room. I’m like the early settlers who would go to the city like once a month because I hardly get the chance to, since I don’t drive (another post for another day). It has been non-stop work since 15 March and Thursday I finished. But in that time, the Cat Cave has suffered and gotten extremely cluttered (plus I literally have over 900 emails to check!) and yesterday I (non really) started to clean but I started with emails instead and pretty much spent the day running my mouth. Excuses excuses I know, shame shame! SO sadly that means just a quick post today with promises of a shiny new updated NEXT week. Although I will say this: Captain America: Winter Soldier…excellent movie!! Go see it!

Flashback Friday! Perfect 10

Hello all posting time again! Which what I posted last week was more of a call to arms for help but still it was a post. But anyhoos no time to split hairs cos I am in the midst of a project helping somebody out, so I’ll share an oldie but goodie in a Flashback Friday edition post!

#4 10 Perfect 10 15.1 16 x 20 Oils, Cardboard  Perfect 10 16in x 20 in Oils 2010

So here’s a piece back from 2010. It was the first piece I had done after I graduated. I am a huge Rene Magritte fan and I love granny smith apples. No big revelation behind this piece. I realize its a short post but hopefully next week’s will be more enriching and fulfilling for you all! Thanks for reading and incidentally if you’re interested in purchasing a print of this piece go to Redbubble! Have a great weekend, I know I will Captain America tonight and Game Of Thrones season 4 Sunday night! Woot its gonna be a wonderfully geeky weekend!


Feedback Wanted!!

Help Wanted! Readers if you’re out there, I’d really appreciate some feedback, critique, comments, opinions, etc on this piece! Its kind of a spoiler for an upcoming post but I have to deliver it this week. This is one of my pieces for the Annual 2014 Spring Into Art competition and I’m 97% done with it. What I’d like your thoughts on is the red. Is it too much or just enough? I realize I sound like Goldilocks and I love using red, I just want to be sure about it. If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to here them. Here is the piece in question:


More about the journey of this piece will be in an later post but for now any sort of feedback is welcome!

Psalms Arrow Quote #1

You shall not be afraid of the terror by night nor of the arrow that flies by day-Psalms 91:5

Posting time again! Craziness that these works are flying by! Did everyone have a good (and safe) St. Paddy’s Day? I did, I didn’t do anything anything but it was a good day. I will say that I wore a green Loki shirt, wore a shamrock bandana on my head (I now know how to fold them, so I now have a new hair accessory for when my hair is a hot mess), and had a banana avocado smoothie, which was green. So what’s up at the moment. Went to see Muppets Most Wanted last night, highly recommend it! And I’m pretty sure I have a flippin’ cavity cos it hurts like a beast! And since I have no dental insurance, I am very conscientious about my teeth but apparently this little jerk came out of nowhere. So if its still a’painin’ (Southern speak) on Monday, I have to call the dentist…not a big fan of dentists. Although as long as they give me gas, I’m good. Also did anyone watch this past week’s Walking Dead?! Craziness!! Utter craziness!

But to the real reason you’re here, art! Unless you wanna talk Walking Dead, because I will talk about that all day long! Ok so words inspire me. Poems, stories, books, hymns, lyrics, the written word will always provide endless ideas for me. The challenge is accurately marry the words with a visual depiction. So I had been watching Game Of Thrones (awesome show) and they use bow and arrows. And also Daryl Dixon on Walking Dead has a crossbow (I so want to request one for Christmas!). So arrows were on my brain. And I came across Psalms 91:5 one Wednesday night at church. And from there, this piece (and its companion) came about. So for your viewing pleasure “Psalms Arrow Quote #1″.


The first sketch in my sketchbook


The background. Swampy looking? Yes I agree.


The arrow, the feathers turned out a little different than I wanted, but there you go.


And done! Psalms Arrow Quote #1 11in x 15in Watercolors & Ink 2014

So another 2014 piece under my belt. If you’re interesting in purchasing the original, here’s the Etsy link to check out. Or you could check out a print of it on RedBubble. Got questions, comments, general concerns about the universe? Drop me a line in the comment section. And on that note, I’m going to book it and make a sammie (a colorful way my friend says sandwich), laters!

Flashback Friday, Fruit, and St. Patrick’s Day

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Posting time! Hello lovelies, was your week good? Mine was productive and I found out something this week. I found that banana and avocado are amazing together…along with Greek yogurt and honey. I’ve been on a smoothie kick since about mid January and just tried that one the other day. Very good plus it was a cool looking green color! Been thinking about green stuff lately since St. Patrick’s day is next week. My mom’s side I think is Irish like a looooong way down the line but we don’t celebrate. I just think its funny how everybody claims to be Irish one day out of the year. But oh well! We may have some Irish food at church Sunday night and I’ll wear green Monday and that’s that. Although it was humorous, one year my best friend and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a different way. We smoked a whole bunch of cigars and clove cigarettes instead of drinking a whole lot. It must be stated that neither of us smoked and I rarely imbibed in alcohol (now I don’t at all but I was in college and did a little bit). Was it proving anything? Of course, that we were awesome! And we stayed sober on St. Patrick’s Day when everyone else in the country was probably blitzed out of their minds. Where was this post going? I have absolutely no idea but I hope it was enjoyable for you all!

It looks like I’m getting close to catching up on my new works for this year. Since that’s the case, I don’t want to run out of art blogging material. What’s the solution? Flashback Friday! In some upcoming weeks, either my Thursday or Fridays will be about older pieces that haven’t been shared on this blog. So here’s the first one!

#22 10 Sustenance 22 x 30 23.2 Oils, Paper

Gas masks are awesome

So here’s a 2010 oil piece called “Sustenance”. It combines two awesome things I love: pomegranates and gas masks. I love the visual of gas masks and have used them in several of my works. Although I’m sure if I had grown up in WWI, I probably wouldn’t romanticize them so much. Also pomegranates are a simply gorgeous fruit and they’re tasty and healthy! I’ve done pieces with pomegranates in them too. So why not combine the two items for one piece?! So that’s where the idea for this one came from.

And just a bit of self-promotion, here’s the Redbubble to check out the prints of it:

All right so there you go, a dip into the CIsForCathy artwork archives! Probably more to come in the following weeks. At the moment I’ve got ideas for new projects but I just can’t pinpoint them all down into one solid…thing. I know, I have such a way with words!  Anyhoos have a great week, eat some fruit, and have a Happy (and safe) St. Patrick’s Day!

Zygomatic Fossa & Last Radiation Day

Cancer can take away all my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul-Jim Valvano

 When someone has cancer, the whole family and everyone who loves them, does too-Terri Clark

‘Ello All! Its Friday and that means another week flown by! As for the weeks flying by fast, we had a big reason to be glad of this week. My Daddy (pronounced Ded-E) finished his 8 and half week radiation treatment for prostate cancer! He has a couple of follow-up appointments to see how well the radiation did and after that then he’ll really know where he stands but WOOT!! for now!

Now as for art this week, it is one of my favorite ones that I’ve done this year. Like so many others, the idea came from my Gray’s Anatomy book


Yeah I’m a little obsessed with skulls, even my mother has recognized this fact!

It was such an interesting image that, like the others, was begging to have something done with it. So here’s the gradual procession from book to finished product!


Not the best quality but its the general outline of the jawbone.


This is what I call the ugly stage of a piece. You can’t really tell where its going, you get discouraged because it looks like nothing, and you have to fight the urges to chunk it in the trash. I go through this on every piece I do.


Starting to take form a little bit more, the negativity is fading away

#147 14 Zygomatic Fossa 14 x 17 30.1 Charcoal

Then voila, its done! Zygomatic Fossa 14 in x 17 in Charcoal on Bristol 2014

Its a charcoal only piece meaning sometimes I’ll throw in another medium in a piece. But this one is strictly charcoal which I loooove working with charcoal. I look like a coal miner when I done and its gets everywhere but I love the results from it. A friend called it yummy which I completely agree. Like always, if you have comments, critiques, questions about the piece (or the universe in general), drop me a comment! So I hope you enjoy it and the print of it is for sale at Redbubble as are some more prints. Also my Etsy shop is completely updated with new works.

So on that note, I’m out. Next week my family is going to celebrate my Dad’s treatment completion with a big ole meal at a restaurant of his choosing (more than likely seafood which is fine by me), but as far now, we’re all celebrating anyways! I hope everyone has a great week and go out and celebrate anything!

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