Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

“Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many”-Unknown

Ok so I can’t even begin to apologize for my absence, hopefully I’ll have a post soon explaining things…hopefully! But for now here’s my WPC post for Relic:


My Daddy’s birthday is today and he’s 72! 72! I often joke around and call him a living fossil, but in reality he is a living relic of a time loooong gone. He was born and raised in conditions no kid in America today could ever fathom. And for being 72 he puts men more than half his age to shame. He still works a full time physically demanding job and comes home and works in his garden! Having said all this, he is a relic of a time long past but he’s still a link to it.

Weekly Photo Challenge “Work Of Art”


“Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what’s for lunch”-Oscar Wilde

“If it looks good, eat it”-Andrew Zimmern

For this week’s WPC theme, I immediately got excited. Art, what?! That’s my jam! But then I thought since this is an art blog, I’ll take a different interpretation of art this week. Also I’d feel a little conceited showing my art under the theme “work of art”. Just a side note, the short-lived T.V. series Work Of Art was really great. So I’m turning the “work of art” theme to one of my most favorite things in the world: food. Here’s a mini collection of some of the most gorgeous plates of food (yes I suffer from the hipster tendency of taking pictures of my food) that I’ve had the pleasure to stuff my face with (at least all the ones I had on my phone):

My good friend Brandi’s daughter’s 1st birthday cake, super cute with that little owl on it! I think it was key lime cake, so yeah cute and delicious!
My Mama and my annual Christmas cookie cook-off, kind of a smaller batch last year but just as tasty. I got extra crafty and did different decorations on the cookies, also mainly because we couldn’t find our cookie cutters.


My annual food pic of last year’s Thanksgiving plate. Its pretty much the same food every year but its my favorite plate and I look forward to it all year long! Clockwise from top: turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce, my mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese, deviled egg, turnips, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, dressing with gravy, and sweet potato casserole in the center. Best plate of food all year round!
Plate from the Father-Daughter Banquet, super tasty especially the macaroni and cheese!
I’m on a smoothie kick and this was one of the prettier ones that I had made. I can’t remember the exact combo but I know avocado was involved.
Just a random lunch one day when my mom made scrambled eggs and bacon. This was my favorite meal when I was little. P.S. she makes the best scrambled eggs EVER! Look how fluffy they look!

This was from the Herring Reunion I went to earlier this year. Oh my gosh, Herrings can cook like nobody’s business! We live in Georgia and this is basically what you get when you have potluck dinners like this. When we have Family Day at church, my plates closely resemble this and its all amazing!
So Cheddars is one of my favorite chain restaurants ever. I get something every time I go and I have never been disappointed. So imagine my delight when they added chicken and waffles on the menu. And yes I realize its not authentic Atlanta chicken n waffles (which is on my food bucket list) but Cheddars did a good job with this! Plus it was just after my Dad got a GREAT report from the Dr about his cancer, so I could have ate anything and it would have tasted fantastic!

So yeah I’m a foodie, I’m a Fatty McButterpants, and I love to eat! In my opinion, chefs and cooks are artists in my book. They just have different and delicious tools to work with. I’m with Andrew Zimmern as he ends each episode with his catchphrase “if it looks good, eat it!”. Words to live by!


Weekly Photo Challenge “Spring”

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming”-Pablo Neruda

I realize its the last day for it but I had to contribute to this week’s WPC. Living in Georgia, we get the greenest Springs and Summers you could ask for. But our Spring last week was super wet and rainy, all week long. But on Saturday it all stopped and since then its been nice Spring weather.

Oh what a difference a day makes!

Friday Afternoon
Saturday Afternoon


Flashback Friday: Ahab’s Prize

#5 10 Ahab's Prize 22 x 30 21.1 Aqueous Media, WC Paper

“Thus, I give up the spear!”-Captain Ahab Moby Dick

Hello all, its that time again! I thought I’d treat you all (or y’all cos that’s what we say where I live) to another piece from the C Is For Cathy Construktion vault. I painted this piece back in 20 aught 10 after I graduated. Obviously it is inspired by the classic (I would say beloved but I’ve never got around to reading) (I know gasp and awe!) whaling tale of our time Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Although my best friend had to read it in college since she was going to be a high English teacher and she told me about it, does that count? She said it was a hard read but rather enjoyable but also really really hard read…and I trust her judgment. But anyways what I had heard about the book (also Mastodon’s album Leviathan was based on the book and that album is awesome and that played a part in the piece as well) there seemed to be a lot of interesting imagery in it. So basically that’s the story behind this piece Ahab’s Prize. Oh yeah and I replaced Captain Ahab with a robot, no biggie.

#5 10 Ahab's Prize 22 x 30 21.1 Aqueous Media, WC Paper
Ahab’s Prize 22 in x 30 in Watercolors 2010

Hope you liked it and if you liked so much you just had to buy it, here’s the Redbubble link to buy a print of it! All righty with that said (or typed actually) i hope youse guys have a great weekend and maybe don’t go whaling and get into a vengeful life and death struggle with a seabeast!*

*P.s. whales are awesome!

**P.P.s.Having typed that, last Saturday I did end up going fishing and catching 24 bream each one more vicious than the last. Actually they were all different and they all looked totally pissed at me. We threw them back so they’re fine, except for the one that swallowed a hook, that one didn’t end so well. Anyhoos that’s enough about fish harassment, have a great weekend!


Spring Into Art 2014



Hello all, posting time again! As promised (and I’m sure you all were counting the days!) here’s a rundown of this year’s Spring Into Art Exhibition:

Got there around 6:30 and it was FLOODING!! That sucked since we were all dressed kind of nice but wound up rather soaked. It was my artist friend Sarah (who is completely awesome and is on my team when the zombie apocalypse happens). Her guest was her 17 year old cousin Shyanne who goes to church with me and Sarah. Until that night, I had never spoken a word to her but she is very interesting and different as far as most 17 year old girls go. My guest was my padawan Julianna who is really interested in art (obviously), so I brought her. So Sarah and our charges did the rounds (or tried there were people everywhere! One woman nearly fell on me, so yeah I had my hostile pants on after that) and we found my pieces, no ribbons but I was still happy with them!

My pieces! And a random photobomb guy! More to come on the fruition of the top piece in a later post.

A little after that we found some food and a good spot to eat.

Is that not a gorgeous plate of food?! Gorgeous and delicious!

Sat there a while and I chatted with a friend/cousin of Sarah’s and Shyanne’s that was there. Saw my old art history teacher from VSU who is seriously the nicest lady ever. Sarah and Julianna went browsing around and found Sarah’s piece (she did a painting and a pair of deer skin moccasins). After I got finished chatting, we went back and found Sarah’s moccasins had a merit award ribbon on them! I was sooooo excited for her! Hand sown deer moccasins, yeah she’s awesome.

Sarah’s moccasins, awesomeness!!

So after some more rounds looking around and me grabbing food here and there (the food is probably my favorite part cos I’m a Fatty Mcbutterpants), we decided to call it a night around 9. There was some really great art and then there were some pieces like “really?”. I told Julianna that some art shows bring out my catty art side. Some of the judges’ picks were (in my honest opinion) quite um questionable…yeah, really questionable. But oh well, they didn’t ask me but man oh man would I love that job! But anyhoos it was a fun night and our young charges had fun. Already thinking about things for next year and it just isn’t a Spring Into Art outing until there’s a group pic:

Left to right: Me, Shyanne, Julianna, a samurai (somebody made that thing out of papier mache, very cool!) and Sarah

So there you go, this year’s Spring Into Art. Next show is DrawProject unless I discover something else in the meantime. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am, thinking about going to capture some fish and transplant them from our creek to our pond. Then tacos will be consumed later this evening. So yeah party party over here!

A Compilation of All My Recent Goings-Ons* P.S. If You Read All Of This, You’re Awesome and Probably Really Bored!


So hello all! As promised I’m back with a shiny new post and an apology for my slackness lately! But I have an itemized list as proof that I have been rather productive. So it all started in mid-March:

15th March-Started seriously (I say seriously because I started getting things together for it earlier that week but Saturday is when I actually started it)  working on my Spring Into Art project. I started gluing newspaper articles on my giant luan panel board, what a fun Saturday afternoon that was!

17th-24th (minus Sunday) March-Continued working on my SIA project. Finished it that Monday after a tiny mishap but my friend Sarah to the rescue! But while I was working on it, another friend of mine needed some posters done. They were going to be background props for her Lads to Leaders puppets. And they needed to be done by the 9th of April, so that deadline was in the back of my mind while I was working on my own project. Although to help, I kind of put my mom to work painting the background of the posters. And she was crazy fast doing it, so many thanks to her! But thank goodness I finished my SIA project that Monday, couldn’t believe it was actually done but woot!

25th March-On Tuesdays I have an art student that I tutor for 3 hours in the  afternoon, so that’s pretty much work-wise what my day revolves around. Although that night, I got the posters ready for me to start working on the next day.

26th March-7th April-Worked like a beast on those posters…I was a machine! And the Saturday before the 7th, I was practically done but noooo! I wasn’t satisfied, not at all. I felt the need to add to more my workload and added another factor to them but in the end, I’m really glad I did because they look so much better. My friend needed comic book-like posters of superheroes (which of course I love comic book art, and these are all directly from my noodle), so here’s the end results:

wpid-img_20140408_125620.jpgwpid-img_20140408_125754.jpgwpid-img_20140408_125901.jpgwpid-img_20140408_130007.jpg wpid-img_20140408_130055.jpg wpid-img_20140408_130203.jpg wpid-img_20140408_130251.jpg wpid-img_20140408_130337.jpg

7th April-Spring Into Art! More on that, (hopefully) for the next post. Also I got a call from the Corbetts, who I’ve worked with and they needed a plywood cow painted. By the by, I am a flippin’ master when it comes to painting cows! It needed to be done by Friday, challenge accepted!

8th April: Jam packed day! That afternoon at 2, I was expecting a repair guy to come to my house and he didn’t show up until like 2:40 (major lateness, huge pet peeve of mine!). After that guy left, Mr. Mark, brought said plywood cow over, so another project to work on. ALSO in addition to this afternoon, I was meeting another potential student that I was going to work with around 4. It went well, so now I have 2 art students, both 9th grade girls but completely different! Not really pertaining to the busy part but my mom and I went to Pizza Hut for the Tuscani Tuesday pasta deals and it took forever! Or maybe I was just hangry…which is not a pleasant side of mine.

9th & 10th April-Painted a black and white plywood cow. That Thursday afternoon (I worked outside since the cow was so big) after working for 4 hours, I felt disgusting and I had our church’s Sisters To Sisters Meeting that night. So after the cow got completed around 5, I left my mom out there to finish cleaning (don’t judge, she loves to clean!) and I scrubbed for like an hour to get clean and man I felt better afterwards! Finished cow equals mission accomplished!

11th April-Mr. Mark came to pick up Gertrude (the cow) and I also started checking my over 900 emails that had accumulated over all of this time. That sucked majorly! Lots of deletes and now I’m finally down to like 50, phew! Also had every intention of starting cleaning my Cat Cave (my workroom) because after 3 weeks of regular work, it was neglected and rather disastrous. But that didn’t start til the next day and even then it was only like an hour and half.

12th April-Went to Michaels and took advantage of their lowest sale of the season and dropped some dough (I was NOT expecting that total!) on art supplies. With two students, I had to re-stock my supplies and also treated myself to some yarn and knitting needles. Oh yeah, I’ve taken up knitting because I have hardly no free time for anything else, so having another hobby is the smart thing to do right?** Then supper at Wooden Nickel with my parents, my oldest bro and the sis-in-law and the nephews. Cake soon followed.

13th April-Palm Sunday and Family Day at church. Family Day is when everybody at my church brings a covered dish and we feast like kings. There are some pretty amazing cooks at my church. Then that afternoon, a small group from church (myself and my Dad included) went to sing at a nursing home. I have to say, we all sound pretty darn good. Mormon Tabernacle Choir look out!

14th April-First session with my new student and she brought some crackers for snacks, so yeah she’s awesome. I was nervous but excited about it. So we talked about Leonardo Da Vinci and what all she wanted to work on. So I’m going to try and be an overachiever and make lessons plans for my padawans like a real teacher. Notice I said “try”. Worked a little on the Cat Cave.

15th April-Regular afternoon session with my other student who is crazy good at painting fruit. After that and supper, I went back to work on the Cat Cave, determined to do more. That night I moved papers, canvas, folders, and books and all sorts of other stuff for like 2 hours. Was super pleased with my progress but arms felt like they were going to fall off!

16th April-FINALLY finished the Cat Cave! It looks so nice and shiny and organized! I put my pictures back up on the wall and I took pictures as evidence that it was once clean. Here’s proof:

Before and yeah it may not look bad but it was.
Ta-Da! After!

Then that night, I had church and came home and worked on checking emails. And what better way to end the night than by trying to start learning to crochet in the round?

17th April-So that brings us up to today, overly dramatic sigh! Went with my mom (Mutti) to buy a shirt for Easter (a little tradition I have every year to buy a new shirt for Easter, got one, cha-ching) and that followed with a trip to the grocery store. Which resulted in not getting home til 2 and eating a lunch of Apple Jacks at 2:30. I know professional adult right here. Then after checking some more emails, I started this post. Had a fantastic supper, cabbage with sausage was consumed. Here I am, back in the Cat Cave finishing this post. But not after working with some papier mache and getting some stuff ready for tomorrow to work on.

Anyhoos…so yeah that’s been my past month. Hopefully I will return to normal sauce posting next week. Or maybe not, we’ll see! If you read this entire thing, you are awesome and please leave a comment about how ridiculous it is that I shared every little detail of the past month with you guys. Many thanks!

**P.S. if there is anyone who can provide tips or a video about how to cast on stitches for knitting, PLEASE share! I’ve seen a billion (yes a billion) different ways and I can’t for the life of me, master it!

Placeholder Post…Until Next Week

Hello all! Ok so here I am going to apologize in advance. I realize last week I said I would have a shiny new post about what all I’ve been up to. Believe me it has been a lot and that is including today. I may have the chance to go stock up on some art supplies at Michaels today and I’m right in the middle of cleaning the Cat Cave a.k.a. my work room. I’m like the early settlers who would go to the city like once a month because I hardly get the chance to, since I don’t drive (another post for another day). It has been non-stop work since 15 March and Thursday I finished. But in that time, the Cat Cave has suffered and gotten extremely cluttered (plus I literally have over 900 emails to check!) and yesterday I (non really) started to clean but I started with emails instead and pretty much spent the day running my mouth. Excuses excuses I know, shame shame! SO sadly that means just a quick post today with promises of a shiny new updated NEXT week. Although I will say this: Captain America: Winter Soldier…excellent movie!! Go see it!

Flashback Friday! Perfect 10

Hello all posting time again! Which what I posted last week was more of a call to arms for help but still it was a post. But anyhoos no time to split hairs cos I am in the midst of a project helping somebody out, so I’ll share an oldie but goodie in a Flashback Friday edition post!

#4 10 Perfect 10 15.1 16 x 20 Oils, Cardboard  Perfect 10 16in x 20 in Oils 2010

So here’s a piece back from 2010. It was the first piece I had done after I graduated. I am a huge Rene Magritte fan and I love granny smith apples. No big revelation behind this piece. I realize its a short post but hopefully next week’s will be more enriching and fulfilling for you all! Thanks for reading and incidentally if you’re interested in purchasing a print of this piece go to Redbubble! Have a great weekend, I know I will Captain America tonight and Game Of Thrones season 4 Sunday night! Woot its gonna be a wonderfully geeky weekend!


Feedback Wanted!!


Help Wanted! Readers if you’re out there, I’d really appreciate some feedback, critique, comments, opinions, etc on this piece! Its kind of a spoiler for an upcoming post but I have to deliver it this week. This is one of my pieces for the Annual 2014 Spring Into Art competition and I’m 97% done with it. What I’d like your thoughts on is the red. Is it too much or just enough? I realize I sound like Goldilocks and I love using red, I just want to be sure about it. If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to here them. Here is the piece in question:


More about the journey of this piece will be in an later post but for now any sort of feedback is welcome!